Add Sizzle to the Easter Basket with Hot Tamales Jelly Beans

hot tamales

When you want to give older kids or adults something for Easter, but chocolate bunnies and pastel jelly beans are just too cutesy, head for Hot Tamales brand, instead! For Easter, the famous cinnamon flavored candy is found in jelly bean form, a perfect addition to anyone who thinks they’re too cool for Easter bunny gifts anymore.

Hot Tamales are surprisingly made right here in the U.S.A.! Created and crafted in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the small company that makes PEEPS, MIKE AND IKE, and GOLDENBERG’S PEANUT CHEWS also make HOT TAMALES. Not need to have your candy carted over from a foreign country – these American favorites are made in our own country 🙂

Hot Tamales Cinnamon Jelly Beans

Hot Tamales Cinnamon Jelly Beans

Not only will HOT TAMALES add a little spice and fun to your Easter basket this year, but it’s supporting an American company – and that’s a sweet deal!

Suggested Retail Price for jelly beans is $3.00 or less.

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