Back to School Savings Aren’t Just For Kids

Back to school savings

If you’re a savvy shopper, you know that August doesn’t just signal the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, but a complete change in inventory for major retailers, as well.  Back-to-School savings might be targeted towards the needs of children, but everyone can save money with back to school markdowns.

You can stretch your budget even further by stocking up on the following items during these end-of-summer sales for savings that you will enjoy the whole year through.

Clothing and Shoes The start of the school year always means the end of retailers selling summer apparel.  Even if the temperature outside shows no signs of dropping, retailers are desperate to unload any piece of clothing that looks like it could be worn during warmer months.  So don’t shop only for your child’s back-to-school wardrobe, but for your entire family, as well. Not only will you find remarkable savings on clothing and shoes, but essentials such as socks and underwear will also be on sale.

Paper, Pens, and Office Supplies  There is no better time in the year to purchase the items you need for your home office than during Back-to-School savings events.  For instance, during Back-to-School sales, packs of lined paper are usually sold for 25 cents while the same pack of paper can cost $2 during the rest of the year.  Pens, paperclips, binders, mailing labels and envelopes will all be marked down to their lowest price of the year.


Computers  If you’ve been looking to upgrade your computer equipment, or you just want to add additional accessories, Back-to-School sales are one of the best times to get amazing deals on computers and software.  And if you shop during any tax-free events, you can save a bundle on computers included in the exemption.

Coolers  Though considered a summer item, coolers can be put to good use any time during the year. Put one in the back of your car to store perishable items after a trip to the grocery store or stock one full of food for your next family vacation.  Every family should have at least one cooler for use in a power failure to store frozen foods that would otherwise become rotten in the freezer.

Storage Containers  Back-to-School time is one of the best times to buy storage containers when the selection is plentiful and the prices are cheap. Retailers are targeting students heading off to college, but you’ll want to stock up to store toys, blankets, clothing, family mementos and other objects that can become clutter when not properly stored.

Sheets  Now is a great time to purchase sheets, comforters and bedding sets as new merchandise is unveiled for college students decorating their dorm rooms and most of it will be on sale.

Beach Accessories and Sporting Equipment  Though lawn games, beach balls, and swimming apparel go on clearance in August, most parts of the country can still enjoy outdoor activities for a couple more months.  Buy a badminton set or a sand pail for the kids to play with after school instead of watching TV.  Better yet, stock up on unique items for Christmas presents. A croquet set is a fun gift for the person who has everything and kids will be delighted with a collection of rafts, beach balls, and goggles for the family winter vacation to Florida or the Caribbean.

Pots and Plants  Gardening supplies always go on clearance at the beginning of the school year, but even a novice gardener knows that you can enjoy plants indoors all year round.  Stock up on pots, soil, and fertilizers so you can enjoy having a green thumb throughout the year or buy extra potted plants to give as gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, and hostess presents in the upcoming weeks.

Outdoor Furniture  Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy time in your backyard.  Patio dining sets, benches, and weatherproof lamps are all on sale but can still be enjoyed during the autumn months. Stock up on BBQ accessories, too, if you want to enjoy grilled meals all year round because it’s tough to find charcoal briquettes in the middle of February.

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