Energy Efficiency Improvements for Florida and Carolina Homes – Can You Get These Rebates?

Making energy efficient improvements has dramatically increased our enjoyment in the homes in which we have lived (over the years, it’s been a few) – and has lowered the bills, too.

So why wouldn’t you make energy efficiency improvements to your home, too? Probably the cost and the money that you would need to spend, right?

Old HomeWell, happily there are ways to make your home more energy efficient, more enjoyable during winter and summer months, and end up saving you money in the long run. We were shocked to see what kind of rebates are available through your own power company sometimes.

Here’s just a few money-saving features from power companies in the South. Does your power company offer energy improvement savings, too? Please let us know!

Duke Energy Rebates

In the Carolinas, Florida and across the U.S., Duke Energy is the electricity provider. They have FREE Home Energy Assessments and will give you money to improve your home.

No joke!

Here’s some examples. Always check their website and see what the specifics are before starting a home improvement project, but you could pocket some HUGE savings with these home improvements:

Heat Pump Replacement – Up to $800 for a new upgrade

Attic Insulation – Up to $200 to add more insulation

Energy Efficient Windows Calculator

Energy Star Calculator Found on

Energy Efficient Windows – Up to $400 when you get energy efficient ones (Trust us – this makes a HUGE difference!!! Our parents replaced their old windows from the 1970s which had condensation on them every winter, and the home is so much warmer – and drier inside – now during the winter months.)

EnergyWise Home – Get up to $147 with the energy conservation program.

OUC Rebates

Living in Orlando area, or have a vacation home in central Florida? OUC has way more rebates for homeowners who get their electric and water from them. Money saving improvements, in addition to similar ones from Duke Energy, include:

Firebush Florida Friendly LandscapeEnergy Star Washing Machine – Up to $50

Ultra Low Flow Toilet – Up to $50

Florida Friendly Landscaping – Up to $200

Window Film and Solar Screens – $1 / Square Foot

Are there any other great rebates you’ve got that we haven’t listed? Let us know!

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