Free Trials of Showtime, Audible, Amazon Prime and More

We love getting something for free! Here’s a round up of some great freebies through Amazon, including STARZ and Showtime movie channels, as well as free music streaming, free audiobooks, a free Kindle app and more!

Ditch the Cable

I haven’t paid for cable TV in nearly a decade and I DO NOT MISS IT! Seriously, with streaming TV over the internet – no cable subscription necessary – it’s easy to pick and choose only what you like, and pay only when you want. I love that convenience. I also love the savings each month, too!

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To get any of these free trials, just click on the images.

First of all there’s STARZ. With a line of up great movies and shows, it’s a premium cable channel that you don’t have to have to pay for cable to get anymore! Right now, watch Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out, along with Marvel’s Avengers and Ant-Man, among many, many others.

I’m a big PBS fan, too, and absolutely love, love, love the shows that Acorn TV has. Shows like Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Doc Martin and Inspector Morse. They are British shows, and there are a lot of mysteries. I truly think that some of the most intelligent, engaging TV out there today is through Acorn TV.

If you haven’t checked out Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, that show alone is worth it for its Australian backdrop in the early century, and a gutsy, fashion-forward lady breaking down barriers and solving crimes. Give it 30 days with this free trial. You’ll see.

Another great premium movie channel to get for free during a trial is Showtime. Lots of original series and movies to enjoy streaming over the internet when you’ve got Amazon Prime.

Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? Click below, which also gives you a 30 day free trial. (Free 2 day shipping, movies, TV shows, Kindle books and more are included in membership. PLUS you can add on the premium channels mentioned above when you have a membership.)

Free E-Books

Did you know that Amazon offers a free Kindle Reading app? It’s true. Take advantage of all of those Kindle books with this app.

Free Music Streaming

Want to stream music instead? We’ve given up radio, too. They only play the same few songs over and over and over again. I’m over it. I just want non-stop music during my drive, or while cooking dinner, or just relaxing at night, don’t you?

Try out this free trial of Amazon Prime Music. Thousands of songs from across all genres, from classic to contemporary, are part of the non-stop music.

Free Audio Books

Audible has the world’s largest selection of digital audio books and spoken word content. You get 2 FREE audio books with this free trial. Perfect for vacationing, whether sitting on the beach, or flying to your destination.

Think about family-friendly audio books for the car ride, or get different books for each child to enjoy on a headset. Ideal for vacations, summer vacation, or keeping the kids occupied during normal day to day activities.

Also, consider the professional development you could achieve during your morning commute. Get a book that gives you the details of how to quit that job you hate and make more money at home. Learn more about healthy lifestyle options, escape in a great romantic novel or heart-racing mystery. Or learn more about history with a compelling narration about some of the world’s most important events.

In our house, audio books are often listened to before bed. The soothing voice of the narrator is relaxing, you don’t have to hold a book up to read, and you’re not on your electronic device with the bright blue lights that is being proven to keep you up and not let you get a good night’s sleep.

Whatever you want to learn about, however you want to learn it, it’s possible with Audible.

Have you tried any of these Amazon programs? What do you think?

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