Music Together Provides A Musical Bond For Families

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Do you have fond memories of singing songs and dancing and spinning freely with laughter and smiles when you were a child? Music Together provides classes where you and your child can do just that alongside other children and their parents.  Children, of course, love music and play! I know my son laughs and laughs the more I sing and dance around and he eagerly wants to join in.  Early in life, music becomes an important part in our development. The Music Together classes are designed to introduce our young ones to music and rhythm with use of instruments, clapping, singing, and observation.

Prior to the music classes for each semester,  a package is provided for those enrolled that includes the recordings that will be used for the semester, an illustrated songbook with activities to do at home, information for parents, digital music downloads and more! Each semester includes 10 weekly classes and tuition cost includes classes as well as all at home materials.


My son and I had the opportunity to attend a demonstration class at one of our local Music Together locations through Moms Meet. There were several children and parents in the class; all excited to begin having a good time. During class, the children are encouraged to explore and move freely (with parental supervision of course) throughout the class allowing them to feel the music and express themselves. My son had a great time yelling and running around with his hands raised mimicking the other adults. He thoroughly enjoyed the clapping and the shakers and bells he was given to play with. All the children and the adults participated in the singing and dancing together making it a fun experience for us all. My son had a big smile on his face and to me – that is the goal!


If you or your children love music and you want to be involved with others who share your excitement, look for a Music Together class near you. You can visit their website, or their Facebook page for further information and class locations near you. Also view them on YouTube!



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    Thanks so much for visiting our Music Together class in Asheville with your sweet little guy! I’m so glad you both enjoyed your experience! I hope you continue to sing and dance and play with music as he grows – music is SO beneficial and important to developing brains! – and you’re welcome to join us again any time.

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