Real Kids – Real Places! America’s National Mystery Book Series Brings Mystery to the Biltmore Estate!


We love things that are local to our area and when my step son and I were in the library and saw a kids mystery book about the Biltmore Estate, I knew I had to read it. I was curious how the author, Carole Marsh, would portray the Biltmore Estate and I was surprised at how much I liked it! The book is one of many in the author’s America’s National Mystery Book Series. It was an easy read, and the details were great! I have been to the Biltmore many times and the descriptions provided were accurate, yet portrayed from a child’s perspective. For any children who haven’t been before or maybe have been and enjoyed the grand estate, this would be a great read for them!


These books are targeted for children in grades 3 through 5, but they can be enjoyed by all! Throughout the book there are bold faced words that some children may not understand. For these words, there is a dictionary located at the back of the book with their definition.

The books are fictional of course, but names used by the author are real; Real Kids – Real Places! Children were encouraged to apply online to be a character in the books and join the fan club! There are also links to download activities for a class or book club including SAT words, trivia, and pop quizzes! Teachers Guide books are available as well with additional information and activities.

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There are about 48 mystery books using locations including Disney World, Eiffel Tower, The White House, the Space Center in Houston and many, many more!! What a great way to read about famous places across America! I would definitely read more of this series and I  urge you to check them out for your children! You are able to purchase the books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble as well as download them to read online. Or you can check out your local library as well to see what they offer!

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