The Card Ninja: How to Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Wallet!

Card Ninja Shopping

As a mom, I have a purse that is packed full. There are times that I am just running into a store quick and think “I wish I didn’t have to carry this heavy purse and my heavy little guy, too!’ So when I was offered a chance to review the Card Ninja (affiliate link), I was eager to give it a try!

The CardNinja allows me the freedom of carrying only my cash or debit cards and my phone without the bulk of a purse or bag. The CardNinja has an adhesive that attaches to your phone. Simply peel off the back and stick to your phone or it’s case.

Card Ninja

The Card Ninja can carry eight cards, as well as cash. It is flexible yet snug enough to keep your cards and/or cash from falling out. It is perfect for use at the gym, a concert, a quick trip out, or even for college kids to hold their student ID’s or Driver’s License.

The card Ninja comes in several different colors. If you are looking for an easier way to carry only the cash or cards that you need, treat yourself to a Card Ninja. A perfect unique gift (around $10) for those whom you don’t know what to buy for, too!


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