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Where to See Apple Blossoms in Hendersonville, NC

Spring time in Hendersonville, NC and surrounding towns such as Edneyville and Fletcher is beautiful when the apple trees bloom. Fields of trees are covered in delicate white flowers and deep pink flower buds.

Here are the best places to see apple blossoms in bloom during Spring, usually from mid-April to early May.

Most apple orchards and farm stands will be closed to the public during this time. They generally open in July or August.

North Carolina is the 7th largest apple-producing state in the nation. In the state, Henderson County is the largest apple-producing county and grows 85 percent of the apples.

After the delicate apple blossoms fall off of the tree, the fruits will be ready for picking in about 100-200 days, depending on the variety. See our complete guide to Hendersonville’s u-pick apple orchards.

Please keep in mind, apple blossoms are on fruit trees grown by farmers for their crops and to be sold in Fall. These blooms are usually on private farming land. Be respectful and do not trespass onto private property.

Appalachian Ridge Cider

One of the best cideries in Hendersonville, Appalachian Ridge is surrounded by apple trees. Grab a glass of cider and sit on the back porch overlooking the rolling hills of apple orchards.

During Hendersonville Cider, Wine and Dine Weekend, which is held during blossom time, guided tours of the apple orchards are available.

Apple orchard tour at Appalachian Ridge Cider

The parking area is lined with Golden Delicious apple trees, as well as other apple trees and grape vines, for one of the best places for visitors to get up close to the blooms without trespassing on apple farms.

Apple blossoms on Golden Delicious apple trees with Appalachian Ridge Cider Barn in the distance.

Burntshirt Vineyards

Though Burntshirt Vineyards serves up wine and not cider, they still have an impressive patch of apple trees by their production facility. You will drive by this small field as you enter the vineyard.

Blooming apple trees at Burntshirt Vineyards

Ellaberry Llama Farm

Ellaberry Llama Farm is located in Edneyville. We took a llama hike during apple blossom season and it was beautiful!

The hike went through acres of a family apple orchard, so it is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful hike with fun llamas and get to see the blossoms!

Apple Blossom Driving Tour

You will be able to see plenty of apple fields just driving through Hendersonville and Edneyville. Highway 64, going towards Lake Lure, will offer you some great views of apple farms with blooming trees.

If you would like to see even more fields of apple blossoms, try the Spring Apple Blossom Trail driving tour suggested by Henderson County Tourism. They have a printable driving tour, but we found that the mileage was about 2 miles off and there are some updates that need to be added.

We did the entire tour. It took about 45 minutes. You can see parts of the driving tour in our YouTube video:

Here is our modified apple blossom driving tour:

  • 0.0 Miles Start at the Hendersonville Visitors Center. Turn right out of the parking lot, heading towards Wells Fargo (not towards downtown Main Street).
  • 0.3 Miles Keep going straight on S. Main Street through the lights until you get to a stop sign, where you need to turn left. Get in the left lane and at the light (across from Walgreens), turn left onto US 176.
  • 2.4 Miles Turn left onto Upward Road (Ingles and CVS will be on the right)
  • 5 Miles At this point you will start to see your first apple orchards on the left and right hand side. Upward road will become Ridge Road at some point.
  • 9.3 Miles Continue on Ridge Road as it crosses Sugarloaf Road.
  • 10.9 Miles Turn Right onto Union Hill Church Road.
  • 12 Miles At the stop sign, turn Left onto Union Hill Road.
  • 12.8 Miles Turn Left onto Lamb Mountain Road. Immediately afterward, turn Right onto Pilot Mountain Road.
  • 14.9 Miles Turn Left onto Gilliam Mountain Road. You will then drive towards Hwy. 64. This is a strange intersection. You will cross Hwy. 64 and turn onto St. Paul Road by turning right. The North Carolina Justice Academy will be on the right hand side and a Barry-Callebaut manufacturing facility on the left.
  • 18 Miles Turn Left at the stop sign onto Old Clear Creek Road. (Of interest, Ellaberry Llama farm is at Mile 19.5, must book tours ahead of time. There are two HUGE cow statues on the side of the road at Mile 21.3 on the right)
  • 23.6 Miles At the stop sign, cross Terry’s Gap Road and go straight/bear left to get onto Fruitland Road.
  • 26.7 Miles You will be at Hwy. 64 by North Henderson High School. Turn left to go towards Edneyville or turn right to be back in Hendersonville by the Walmart.

This tour took us 45 minutes to drive. There are really not any great places to pull over and take pictures, and these are private farming lands. However, the drive is gorgeous and apple fields surround you in certain places.

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While you are in Hendersonville seeing the apple blossoms, be sure to use our helpful travel guides: