9 Best Water Bottles for Disney World

9 Best Water Bottles For Walt Disney World To Beat the Heat

In Florida’s heat and humidity year round, bringing the right water bottle to Walt Disney World is a must. Why? 1.  A bottle of water at Walt Disney World costs about $2.50 per bottle for around 16 oz of water. For a family of 4, that’s more than $10 each time you’re feeling thirsty. If you […]

Finding Nemo Disney Manicure DIY

Dreaming of swimming under the sea? Heading on a Disney Cruise Line cruise or to the Disney theme parks? Try out this Finding Nemo inspired DIY manicure for a tropical, Disney-inspired beauty treat! Photo Courtesy of The Disney Blog

Minnie Mouse Manicure DIY

In the second Disney manicure DIY tutorial from the Disney Blog, here’s a great way to show off your Disney Side by painting your nails to resemble Minnie Mouse. (Check out the first – a Disney castle manicure) Whether at home or before a Disney vacation, it’s an easy way to show your love for all […]

How to Do A Cinderella Castle Disney Manicure

From the Disney Blog comes this great tutorial on how to create a Cinderella Castle manicure for your next trip to Disney. Of course, the Disney folks recommend using the Beautifully Disney nail collection, but any light blue, dark blue and glitter polish will work, too. Photos From the Disney Blog

Disney Travel Luggage and Accessories

Are you making plans to vacation at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, on the Disney Cruise Line or at another Disney location? Wish you could show your Disney Side even on the plane and in the baggage carousel? Flaunt your passion for Disney from the moment you start packing to the moment you come home with bulging […]

A Honeymoon on a Disney Cruise?…..Absolutely!!!!

When Brian and I were deciding where to go on our honeymoon, we weren’t sure if we could afford a Disney cruise. However, when comparing the cost to other Caribbean vacations, we realized that we could in fact have the Disney ‘Dream’ vacation we wanted!! To some, a Disney cruise sounds like it would be […]