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DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Sometimes the most simple crafts are the most beautiful. Such as these DIY coffee filter flowers that remind us of a Monet painting.

coffee filter flowers in mason jar in window

The soft, color-splashed flower edges create the most gorgeous fake flowers! In fact, we would love to keep these flowers out all year round. And we can!


Which is important because flowers increase happiness in our lives. And if you don’t have fresh flowers indoors, you definitely should have these!

diy coffee filter flowers

DIY coffee filter flowers in glass jar in windowsill

Making these coffee filter flowers is super easy. They are simple enough for kids to make. Or if you are trying to create some beautiful home decor, you can spend some time making these with paints that match your design aesthetic.

Gift these to mom for Mother’s Day or place in a lovely jar on a mantle.

However you choose to use them, you’ll enjoy how easy this craft is to make!

Monet-Inspired DIY Coffee Filter Flowers 

diy coffee filter flowers supplies paint bottles


  • white, large coffee filters
  • assorted craft paints in blue, pink, purple, aqua (we used regular acrylic craft paint but you can use watercolors or paint of your choice)
  • stapler or pipe cleaners 
  • cookie sheet or tinfoil
  • large bowl


  • Begin by adding a few drops of each paint color to your bowl.
  • Add in a few drops of water and gently stir. This will loosen the paint up and help the coffee filters absorb the color well.
  • Take 2-3 coffee filters at a time (still connected/stacked) and turn them over, gently dipping and swishing them around in the paint mixture. You want to make sure the ends of the coffee filters are covered well and allowed to absorb the paint.

making coffee filter flowers in bowl

  • Set the wet/painted coffee filter on a cookie sheet or tinfoil to dry. Repeat, coloring as many coffee filters as you wish.

diy coffee filter flowers instructions

  • Once the filters are dry, gently peel the layers apart to fluff them out a bit.
  • You can then take multiple layers and combine them, one inside of the other, to create a full and colorful flower.

fluffing coffee filters covered with paint

  • Secure the coffee filters together with either a staple at the base of the flower, or you can tightly wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around it.
  • Give the flower one last fluff and you are ready to display them. Arrange them in a simple bowl or vase for a pop of color in any room. 

monet inspired coffee filter flowers in glass jar

monet inspired coffee filter flowers on wooden table

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Coffee Filter Flowers

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