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DIY Beautiful Beaded Pendant Necklace

DIY Instructions for an Easy Beaded Pendant Necklace.

Jewelry is one of a woman’s favorite gifts. And when you handcraft a piece of jewelry for family or friends, it makes that piece of jewelry even more special.

You might think that making jewelry would be hard. But with this easy craft tutorial, you can learn how to make a beautiful beaded pendant necklace in a dozen steps.

copper wire pendant with turquoise glass beads

Customize your DIY Beaded Necklace by choosing they type of metal (silver, copper, gold or colored) plus the types of beads (all one color, multi-colored, favorite colors).

These DIY Beautiful Beaded Pendant Necklaces make perfect personalized gifts. Or they make great crafts to sell online or in craft fairs.

DIY Beautiful Beaded Pendant Necklace

List of Supplies

1.     Craft wire – 16 gauge and 24 gauge
2.     Craft pliers – cutting, looping and flat nose pliers
3.     Seed beads



1. Hold the wire at the end and create a small loop with looping pliers.

wire pliers and gold wire

2. Leave 1 cm straight. Then bend the wire into 90 degrees, to the opposite direction of the loop. 1 cm is the half of the pendant’s width (the total width will be about 2 cm).

3. Decide how tall you want the pendant to be; this one was 4 cm.

Leave 4 cm straight and bend the wire into 90 degrees again, towards the same direction (counter-clockwise).

Leave 2 cm straight again and bend wire into 90 degrees again.

4. Leave 1 cm straight and then bend the wire into 90 degrees, bringing the wire back to the loop. This is the last bend. Keep about 2 extra centimeters and then cut off the wire from the bundle.

5. Coil the 2 cm extra wire twice below the loop.

6. Cut off extra wire after coiling, if needed.

7. Take a long piece of 22 gauge wire (about 20 cm will do) and coil the wire 2 times around any one of the vertical side bars of the frame at the bottom.

8. Select the beads of your choice and insert seed beads into the 22 gauge coiled wire through its open end. Put beads on the wire until the length reaches the width of the pendant.

9. After you are done beading, coil the open end of the 22 gauge wire around the adjacent side bar of the frame to secure the beading. Bring the wire to the opposite vertical side bar again.

10. Coil the open end of the wire around the bar 2 times and bring the wire to the opposite side bar again. Continue to coil the wire around one side bar and then bringing back to the opposite, vice versa.

11. While coiling the wire around the side bars make sure to add beads, as well.

12. Once you are done beading coil the wire around the side bar 2-3 times and cut off extra wire if required.

13. Attach a jump ring with the pendant through its loop and wear it a chain necklace or string necklace.

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