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DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft

Carrie and I used to play with My Little Pony all the time when we were young. While we loved playing with My Little Pony toys, our mom also taught us to enjoy making simple felt crafts. So combining both loves into this DIY My Little Pony felt craft with a free pattern is like combining all the best of our childhood!

Pink felt plush My Little Pony

This My Little Pony felt craft is easy enough for an older child to do on their own. It’s also a super cute craft to make as an adult, too, whether you’re making it for gifts or simply to add a smile to your day.

Felt crafts are simple, easy and cheap. That’s why we love this DIY No-Sew Ruffled Felt Flower craft, too. Felt can be bought in craft stores for little money (especially with coupons and sales!) or online.

This is a great deal on a multi-pack of felt! The price is awesome!

So Pin or Save this DIY tutorial so that you can have the free pattern for:

  • Rainy day craft activities
  • Birthday party craft activities
  • After school fun
  • Christmas gifts
  • Teaching kids to sew


My Little Pony Felt Craft Tutorial

DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft

My Little Pony Plush Doll Pink Felt stars on polka dot background


  • Felt fabric – colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue
  • Needle and thread (thread should be the color of the felt for the body so that it blends in)
  • Free Pattern



1. Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Select the felt fabrics of your choice and trace the patterns on them. Use scissors to cut out the patterns.

DIY My Little Pony Felt pieces cut out

2. Lay the two body pieces on a flat surface. Using the pieces for the eyes, assemble them on the front body piece and glue them in place. Glue the hair on the back body piece. Attach the inner parts of the ears on the large parts of the ears with glue. Glue the four tail parts on the base, putting two on each side.

DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft pieces

3. Place the tail on the back side of the back body piece.

DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft with tail

4. Neatly place the front body piece on the back body piece; making sure to match all sides of both body parts. Prepare a needle and thread.

DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft tutorial

5. Start stitching from either the head part or the back leg. Do an easy flat blanket stitch along the side to attach both body parts together. Do NOT stitch the entire body together, though. Keep a small opening for stuffing the felt pony.

DIY My Little Pony Felt Craft pieces being sewn together with needle and thread

6. Use the leftover felt fabrics from this project for the stuffing. Use scissors to cut them into small pieces. Or use a polyfill stuffing. You could even just use cotton balls or facial tissue. Stuff the plush to be as thick or thin as you would like.

DIY My Little Pony Felt pieces sewn together with a pile of tiny felt scraps to use as stuffing

7. Use needle and thread to close the open end.

sewingDIY My Little Pony Felt Craft

8. Place the ears and the wings on their positions and stitch or glue them. For the wings I did a simple cross stitch on one side with the body parts.

wings and ears forDIY My Little Pony Felt Craft

My little pony pink plush toy made from felt

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Monday 20th of April 2020

Is it very difficult to add the horn or is it worth attempting it?

Kim Button

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Definitely attempt it!