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Halloween Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats Recipe

Easy recipe to make Halloween Mickey Mouse pumpkin Rice Krispy treats just like you would buy at Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin rice krispy treat snacks

Who else loves to indulge in those huge, sweet Mickey Mouse shaped krispy rice treats at Disney? We’ve bought more than our share of those iconic Mickey Mouse snacks in the bakeries and gifts shops at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Especially when going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Did you know that you can make them at home? Yep, the recipe is super easy!

P.S. Here’s how to make Halloween Mickey Mouse Ears to wear, along with this tutorial for Maleficent Horn Mouse ears.

So if you’re missing the theme parks right now, why not make up a batch of these Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks. Give them out to trick-or-treaters (such as friends and family) wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow.

Or, make a batch to have on hand for a Halloween party.

Even better, make them and keep them for yourself! Settle onto the couch and watch Disney Halloween movies for a fun night in!

Mickey Mouse pumpkin snacks on a white tray

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Rice Krispy Snacks Recipe



  • Melt the butter in a pot on low to medium in a large saucepan.
  • Once butter is melted, add in about 40 marshmallows and melt on medium heat. Be careful to not burn it.
  • Once marshmallows are fully melted, remove from heat, and add in 6 cups of the Rice Krispies cereal. Mix the cereal with the melted marshmallows. Stir to fully coat all of the cereal.
  • Scoop the cereal into a greased pan and allow the cereal to harden.
  • Once hardened, flip the cereal upside down on a cutting board or the counter laid out flat. Use a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter to cut out snacks.

Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter on rice krispy treats

  • Melt the orange candy melt and fully coat one side of the Mickey Mouse head as close to the edge as you can.

spooning orange melted candy onto Mickey Mouse shaped rice krispy treat

  • If you’d like, use orange sprinkles and fully coat the treats if you would like. It makes the snacks extra sparkly and magical. Do this step while the orange candy melt is still wet so the sprinkles can stick in the candy coating.
  • Melt the black candy melts. Add to a zip-top baggie with the corner snipped off or a piping bag with a small hole.
  • Outline 2 circles around the ears.

black icing drawn in circles around mouse ears

  • Then add a long oval shaped circle in the middle of the circles. Add two more lines on both sides of the oval. On the left they should curve left, and on the right they should curve right.
  • In the center of the treat, draw an oval nose.

black icing nose on Mickey Mouse treat

  • Now you want to draw a smile. Add the dimple lines as the end and in the middle you want to raise the smile a little bit.

making Mickey Mouse smile with black frosting on pumpkin treat

  • Above the nose, draw 2 slanted lines for the bottom of the eyes.

making Mickey Mouse face with frosting on snack treat

  • Next you want to make a bean shaped eye connecting it to the lines at the bottom and fill those in.

making Mickey Mouse face with frosting on Rice Krispy treat

Mickey Mouse pumpkin face

  • Now outline the head. Draw a long oval down the center of his face. Then draw the lines (like the ears) on both sides of the long oval in the appropriate direction to look like a pumpkin.

Mickey Mouse pumpkin Rice Krispy treat homemade

homemade halloween Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy treat snack

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