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Harry Potter Elf Costume Ideas

These Harry Potter holiday elf outfits and accessories are perfect for families that love the wizarding books and movies, as well as the Universal Studios’ theme parks!

If you are looking for Harry Potter Elf costumes, these are the best finds we have found! They are sure to make your kids smile when they see the elf in the morning.

Traveling to Universal Studios during the holidays or will you be at Universal Studios at Christmas? Then you will definitely want to outfit your Christmas elf with these ideas.

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Personalized Hogwarts Letter with Owl Delivery

Start a week of Harry Potter holiday elf costumes with the arrival of an owl with a Hogwart’s acceptance letter kit.

Photo: Etsy/Wintledee

The letter can be personalized and even comes with a wax seal!

This Harry Potter kit includes: 

  • Frostwick the owl
  • 8 Miniature letters attached via invisible fishing line to the owl
  • Personalized Hogwarts invite letter in a parchment envelope sealed with a real red wax Hogwarts stamp
Photo: Etsy/Wintledee

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Sorting Hat

If the Christmas elf doesn’t know what House they belong in, get them an elf-sized Sorting hat!

Photo: Etsy / TinkersWindowShop

This is the perfect accessory to start a week of Harry Potter costume ideas!

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Harry Potter House Robe

No Harry Potter holiday elf is complete without a House robe for Hogwarts! Choose one of these embroidered robes that have a tie and patch sewn on the black robe, as well as a color and other details in the house color.

Photo: Etsy / MyKountryKidzDesigns

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House Sweater and Scarf

Your elf can wear a sweater and scarf for their house at Hogwart’s School. These fleece sweaters are embroidered with 9 3/4 on the sweater, and stripes embroidered on the scarf.

Photo: Etsy / CraftItToTheLimitKid

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Knitted Hats and Scarves

These hand-knit hats and scarves come in each of the four house colors. They are the perfect accessory to keep the holiday elf cozy and warm!

Photo: Etsy / HappyToKnit

You might also like these hand-knit house sweaters with a patch for each house attached to the front of the costume. Also doubles as a cute ornament!

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Potion Kit

This Harry Potter Potion Kit has everything that the Christmas elf needs to make bubbling potions in a cauldron, including:

  • Elf-sized cauldron
  • Hollyberry Potion
  • Hoarfrost Powder
  • Essence of Pine
  • Stardust
  • Navitatis Spiritus Potion directions
Photo: Etsy/Wintledee

Yes, this potion really will bubble! And the colorful red and green glitter makes the potion festive for the holidays.

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This miniature glass of Butterbeer comes with a small Hogwarts acceptance letter and a scarf.

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Harry Potter Glasses with Book and Letterboard

Every Harry Potter elf needs a pair of glasses and this elf accessory kit has them and more!

Photo: Etsy / BundleofToy

Get everything you need for your elf with this bundle kit, which includes:

  • Black hooded robe
  • Red and yellow scarf
  • Black wire rimmed glasses
  • Miniature “Harry Potter” book
  • Letterboard-like sign

Be sure to see this Etsy seller’s other Harry Potter kits which are amazing! There are three different kits in addition to this one, with choices including a Marauder’s Map kit and a Quidditch kit with a Snitch.

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These Harry Potter elf costume ideas are so much fun for kids, but they are also great for adults that are fans, too! In fact, these small wizarding outfits make perfect ornaments and Christmas decorations.