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Maleficent Horns DIY Tutorial: Mickey Mouse Ears

Do you have a favorite Disney villain? For many, it is Maleficent. If you’re heading to Walt Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, you will want to make this easy Maleficent Horns DIY project!

maleficent horns diy headpiece


Maleficent Ears for Your Disney Vacation 

Combining the famous Maleficent horns with classic Mickey Mouse Ears, this Maleficent Mickey Ears headband is great to wear to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

It’s especially great for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or the Villains After Hours events! These are an easy and minimal Maleficent costume without investing a lot of money or having to wear a hot outfit.

Maleficent Mickey Mouse Ears for Halloween Costume DIY

Of course, these Maleficent Ears aren’t just for Halloween. Disney villains are part of Walt Disney World and Disneyland all throughout the year. 

And since Mickey Mouse ears can be so expensive when you buy them at theme park gift shops, making these customized Maleficent Ears could save you money, especially if you make them for the entire family.

P.S. Check out our Halloween Mickey Mouse Ears tutorial, too. They look like Mickey pumpkins!

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how to make maleficent horns diy ears for halloween

Maleficent Horns DIY Project


Many of these materials can be found at The Dollar Tree or a craft store. Or they can easily be ordered to arrive at your doorstep by using the links below.

materials for maleficent horns


Download our Maleficent Ears template. Cut out the template pieces.

Trace the template pieces onto the foam with a pen or marker.

You will need:

  • 4 ears (solid purple)
  • 2 ears (glitter purple)
  • 4 horns (solid black)
  • 2 horns (glitter black)
  • 2 flames (glitter green)
  • 1 large bow (glitter purple)
  • 1 small bow (glitter purple)
  • Bow base (glitter green)
  • 1 rectangular strip – cut your own size as needed (glitter purple)

Cut the foam pieces out and set aside. (Hint: Cut inside the marker lines so that they don’t show up in your finished piece.)

green foam with fire template drawn on it

purple Mickey Mouse ears template

foam pieces cut out for maleficent mouse ears headband


Each ear will use three foam pieces (two regular foam and one glitter foam). Glue the 3 pieces of purple foam together, making sure the glitter piece faces outwards toward the front.

Repeat the steps again for Maleficent’s horns. Glue the two regular black foam pieces together, and put the third glitter black piece of foam on the outside.

maleficent black horns DIY cut from foam


Now glue the green glitter flames onto the purple Mickey Mouse ears.

purple Mickey Mouse ears with green flames

Glue a border around the horns and Mickey ears with decorative black sewing trim. Cut the decorative trim to the correct size before hot gluing to the edges. 

black decorative trim on the outside of purple Mickey Mouse ears

gluing black trim to maleficent horns

purple maleficent mickey ears with black trim glued on outside

Making the Bow

Now it’s time to make the bow. Bend the larger pieces of each side of the bow together, meeting the smaller ends together in the middle and keeping the glitter side outside. Glue to keep in place. (see the photo below for an example.)

making bow out of purple glitter foam and hot glue

Do this again with the second, smaller pieces.

Place the bows you just made together (smallest one on top of the bigger one) and then wrap a small rectangular strip around the middle and secure underneath in the back with glue.

making glitter foam bow

Glue the purple bow onto the green bottom piece (the one that looks like bow-tie macaroni).

making a purple and green glitter bow

Next, glue the ears onto the headband. Play around with the placement before you commit to gluing them on the headband. You’ll want to glue the Mickey Mouse ears wider than you might think, because you want the Maleficent horns to be glued in front of them, and both of them should show. Glue the Mickey Mouse ears a little further back on the headband, so that you have enough room to add the horns in front of them.

purple maleficent Mickey Mouse ears diy project

Glue the horns onto the headband in front of the Mickey Mouse ears.

maleficent Mickey Mouse ears diy costume

Finally, glue the bow in the center on top of the horns.

maleficent Mickey Mouse ears for halloween costume disney

You’re done!

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