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Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Service: Should You Try It?

You have probably seen or heard about Walmart Grocery Pick-Up and wondered if it’s worth trying. I was curious as well, so after hearing good things about our local service, I jumped online excited that I was skipping the crowds and a long shopping trip with a squirmy little 2-year-old boy!

I logged into my Walmart account online using my computer and picked my local Pick-up store location and time frame of grocery pick up. There is also a Walmart Grocery App that allows you to shop as well.

I had a list of things I needed which made the ‘Search’ box a cinch for me to use.  The general categories allowed me to scroll through pages of products and narrow them down by brand name, etc.

It’s so easy to add products, delete them or change the amount of the item.  On the side of the screen, I could see a running list of items in my cart which I loved. When I changed my mind about an item, it was so much easier to just ‘delete’ it! In the store, I would have to look in my cart, think ‘I don’t need that’ and then walk back to where it was to put it back on the shelf. Usually I just buy whatever it is to avoid further crowds! Or, you can be lazy and just deposit what you don’t want like so many others do like someone here did. But that’s so rude! Don’t do that!

Also, seeing a running cart total helps me to keep the groceries in the price range I want to stay in! When shopping in the store you have no idea what your total will be & saving money is much harder.

If you like walking down the aisles and seeing new products or quickly scanning flavors, brands, etc; shopping online may be trickier for you. I had some struggle with searching for what I wanted and at times thought I could’ve grabbed a bag of chips off the shelf by now! Searching through so many options online can be time-consuming or frustrating, but if you know what you want – this is an awesome and easy service.

After logging into the Walmart Grocery App, I was able to view the confirmation of my order and when I was ready to come pick up my groceries, I simply clicked the link notifying them that I was on my way!

When I arrived about 15 minutes later, I followed the signs to the grocery pick up side of the building. A clerk came out to greet me and confirmed my name for pick up. She and another clerk returned with several buckets stacked high with my groceries. After reviewing where I would like my fragile items placed in the truck, the clerk began to unload the buckets with the grocery bags.

The other clerk reviewed with me that a couple of my items were not available and that one of my items was substituted for a similar product. My price charged did decrease due to the items they couldn’t fulfill. The item that they said they substituted was a bag of chips- Cheddar & Sour Cream. I was told they replaced them with Original flavor and those chips were placed in their own bag with a tag on it stating that it was a substituted item.

Also tagged for awareness were my bread and eggs which were tagged ‘Fragile’. Nice touch!

Another item the clerk reviewed with me was a bag of Caesar salad mix. The lettuce was badly turning brown and she asked if I would like a fresher bag, which of course I did! She went back inside and returned with a great looking bag of green salad mix.

Upon agreement that everything was packed and looking good, I received a welcome bag with coupons and yummy samples as a thank you for using the Walmart Grocery Pick Up service!! How thoughtful!

Wonder about your cold items? I did! I was told large refrigerators and freezers house your bagged items until you arrive for pick up and they are placed with the rest of your items! My cold items were still cold!

When I got home I realized I didn’t have a receipt and wondered about using my Walmart Savings Catcher and Ibotta App. The Walmart Grocery App does show items purchased, a total charged, and a transaction code. I gave it a try submitting my transaction code to Walmart Savings Catcher and sending in pictures of a printed receipt to Ibotta, but I received a message from both Savings Catcher and Ibotta that my receipts were unable to be processed. Bummer. So unless things change, you’ll have to choose between saving money and saving time.

For my family, my husband likes the money back with Savings Catcher. I however, prefer not shopping with my kids and saving on what items I don’t need to put in my cart! So, we will keep doing a little bit of both I think. I love the Walmart Grocery Pick Up service and I think when you see the time you save and the long lines and crowds you’ll avoid- you will love it too!

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