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Printable Bees and Honey Game for Kids

Honey bees are so important to our food supply. If you are teaching kids about agriculture and insects, then this bees and honey game is a fun activity that is so simple to make!

printable board game with honey bees

Our honey bee game is a free printable that can be printed out right now! Yep, whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity for kids, trying to put together a quick homeschooling lesson plan or want a fun road trip game, this bees and honey board game is just waiting for you to download it and print!

The printable game resembles a honeycomb, which is another learning lesson about honey bees.

How to Play Bees and Honey Game

This board game is really quite simple. In fact, it’s perfect for very small kids, too.

Because it’s all about matching pictures.

In fact, it can also be a learning lesson in looking for differences in pictures that otherwise seem the same.

honey bees

The dice has six images. Four of the images are honey bees. They might look all alike at first, but they do have differences. Your children will need to put on their analyzing hat to figure out how each honey bee is different.

Two other images include a honey pot and a honeycomb.

Roll the die and move towards the next piece that has an image like the one that you rolled. The first one to the end of the board game wins!

Be sure to download the free game!

honey bee board game

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