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Best RV Sheets Sets 2024: Short Queen, Bunk, King

One of the most unusual things that new RVers find is that RV mattress sheets aren’t the same size as the mattress sheets you have at home! Nope. Whether you have been RVing for years or just bought a new trailer or camper, you’re probably wondering where to find the best RV sheets sets to easily make your bed without any hassle.

We love the Airstream Collection organic sheets, comforters, shams and even home accessories. While the sheets don’t come in specialty sizes like below (not sure why not?), if you’re fitting a normal size mattress they are super cute for all campers!

What’s the Deal with RV Mattress Sheets?

What is different about RV mattress sheets? A lot, actually.

RV mattress sizes can be different. They aren’t ALL different, so you really have to know your mattress in your rig. Take a measurement of the size if you need to, and then compare to standard size queen, king or bunk bed (twin bed) mattresses.

Not all mattresses in an RV are an unusual size, though. Many RVs and travel trailers can accommodate standard size queen and king beds. Or twin beds in the bunk bed area.

You will want RV mattress sheets to be easy to put on your bed. That goes without saying in a home, too. But in an RV, it can be more challenging. You might not have room to pick up the mattress easily.

Or it can be positioned to where you have to be sitting on the bed to get the covers to go over the edge of the mattress. Which can be difficult.

Or you might be trying to make a bunk bed that is in the bunkhouse and you have to position yourself on a ladder while trying to get a sheet set on or off easily.

And no one wants all of the excess sheets hanging off the side of the RV mattress or at the end because you’re using traditional sheets that are too big!

How to Make an RV Mattress More Comfortable

Let’s face it. If you’re buying an RV and using the mattress that it comes with, chances are it’s not going to be too comfortable!

That’s what happened with our RV. The flower-covered mattress was hard and uncomfortable. But we weren’t prepared to buy a new RV mattress at that time. However, I have since found some amazing natural RV mattresses that I would have loved to have got before our trip.

I say you should invest in a new mattress. Because you need good quality sleep every night. But it’s not in everyone’s budget.

If you need a budget friendly way to create a more comfortable RV mattress, check out this RV mattress hack that we used. Seriously, it was so comfortable!

And here’s the all natural mattress topper that we used.

Best RV Sheet Sets for 2024

There are different type of RV sheet sets depending on what size of bed you have. RV short queen sheets and RV bunk sheets are among the most common for RVers. 

rv king size mattress with sheets

We’ve listed some of the best options below:

RV Short Queen Sheets

  • This RV short queen sheets set is among the most popular and best reviewed of all RV sheet sets out there! We love that the RV queen sheets come in a variety of colors to fit your decor. Plus, fun patterns such as florals, snowflakes and deer. Definitely look at these RV mattress sheets for your rig!
  • Another clear winner are these 400 thread count RV short queen sheets that are made with eco-friendly Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals. Plus, these RV mattress sheets are made in a LEED Gold Certified facility that supports more than 300 families with jobs. 
  • For the ultimate comfort, we have loved having bamboo sheets at home (and we used them in our RV, too). Over time, they get softer and softer. Which makes this organic bamboo RV short queen sheets set such a great find. They come in a variety of colors and made with organic materials. The 16″ mattress thickness allows you to add a pillow topper or mattress topper or cover and not worry about the mattress sheets fitting right.
  • A lot of RVers are now starting to use zipped fitted sheets for their mattress. And we have to agree, it’s a smart decision. Zipped sheets allow you to remove only the top part of the fitted sheet, which is what gets dirty, and not have to remove the sides which really don’t need to be washed. This is perfect for RV mattresses that are against a wall and in a corner, or there’s not much room to walk around the bed. Try out these QuickZip Fitted Sheets for RV short queen mattresses (they also make the sheets in all standard sizes, too). See how we use them in our RV:

P.S. Use our link above and discount code couch10 to get an extra 10% off these zippered sheets!

RV Bunk Sheets

*Among the best options is having custom bunk bed sheets made. And it’s not as expensive as you’d think! Check out this small, woman-owned business on Etsy who creates the most beautiful sheets for all types of RV beds, with an emphasis on bunk beds. She has over 40 different prints to choose from and will make sheets in the sizes you need.

Trying to get sheets for those RV bunk beds can sometimes be a little difficult. It all depends on what the size of the bunk house is. And whether or not you have to balance on a ladder to change the sheets.

Keep this in mind – you must know the dimensions of your particular RV bunk bed or over-the-cab bed! Even if you are using the mattress sets for the RV sofa bed or turning your dinette into a bed. Start with those dimensions first – length & width – to make sure that these RV bunk sheets will work for you.

  • These microfiber, deep pocket RV mattress sheets are made specifically for RV bunks. They come in a wide array of colors.
  • Looking for something a little smaller for those beds that aren’t standard size? These jersey knit cot sheets can work for RV bunks and mattress conversions.
  • A camp cot sheet set could be ideal for you, too! Perfect for RV bunk sheets.
  • These peel away sheets are kind of weird when you think about it, but they might make sense for you in certain situations. Like when you’re boondocking for awhile, or you’re out in the wilderness getting really nasty and dirty all day and can’t shower before getting into bed.

More RV Hacks and Helpful Tips

WiFi at RV parks and in National Parks can drive you crazy – either it’s great or it’s non-existent! Here’s the best campgrounds with WiFi that we found.

We took video of a lot of the individual campgrounds and sites that we stayed at along the way. Here’s our most popular RV campground video:

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Friday 13th of August 2021

Thank you for sharing this blog. I love tenting. I am using camper-bunk-mattress sheets on my camper mattress and it makes the mattress softer.

Marylynn R ELTRICH

Saturday 8th of August 2020

Where can I find short queen rv flannel sheets? I am looking online with no results! Help please!