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Cinderella Princess Paper Doll Craft (Free Pattern)

Any girl that loves Disney princesses will be thrilled to make her own Cinderella paper doll. This simple craft uses construction paper and a free pattern for a magical DIY project to keep kids busy.

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How to Make a Cinderella Paper Doll



Step One

Download and print out the free Cinderella pattern. Trace the pattern on different colors of construction paper that you choose.

We used the following colors in this tutorial:

  • Head and hand patterns: white paper
  • Hair pattern: yellow paper
  • Headband, necklace and bodice of dress: dark blue
  • Dress skirt patterns: 2 different colors of blue paper

Cut out each pattern.

Step Two

Cut a slit along the marked line inside the hair pattern, as seen below.

Step Three

Slide the top of Cinderella’s head through the slit from the bottom side of the hair.

Glue the head pattern down to the hair to keep together.

Then glue the headband pattern in the middle of the hair, over her bangs.

Glue the small blue strip on the neck to be her necklace.

Step Four

Glue the arm and hand patterns to the back of the sleeves on the top part of the dress (the bodice).

Step Five

Glue the decorative gathered dress skirt pattern (the light blue cut out shown below) on top of the skirt (bottom part of the dress) pattern.

Step Six

Glue the top part of the dress (the bodice) on top of the neck and head pattern.

Then glue the skirt part of the dress on top of the body part.

Step Seven

Use marker pens to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the Cinderella paper doll.

Add cheeks using a pink marker or crayon.

No time to make this right now? No worries! Just Pin It and you will have the pattern for later.

This cute Cinderella paper doll is easy to make for a rainy day activity or before watching the movie.

The DIY Disney princess craft is also a great activity for the kids at a princess themed birthday party or as a road-trip activity as you are driving or flying to Disney World.