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Crayola Experience Opens in Orlando at The Florida Mall

The Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall in Orlando is so much fun for kids! One of only five Crayola Experiences in the United States, this is such a unique attraction. Bright colors, modern technology, once-in-a-lifetime crayon experiences and a nod to nostalgic Crayola advertisements combine to create a must-see destination for anyone who has kids or revels in creativity.

If you are wondering whether or not the Crayola Experience is worth it, check out these photos and see for yourself! (Spoiler alert – we think it is worth it for creative kids!)

Crayola Experience orlando

While these photos were taken during our 2015 visit to Crayola Experience, we have kept the prices and information up to date for 2022.

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Vintage Crayola Crayon Boxes Orlando
Spanky Crayola Vintage Ad Crayons
Vintage Crayola advertisement

Crayola Experience Ticket Prices

With the price of $27.99 a ticket, it’s one of the most affordable half-day attractions in Orlando. Go ahead and buy the annual pass for only $37.99 and save 20% on food and retail purchase at Crayola Experience. It’s worth it and you’ll use it.

Re-entry is possible all day long with your ticket, so feel free to bring the kids, let them burn off some steam, go shopping, then come back when they’re bored again.

Where is the Orlando Crayola Experience Located?

Located in The Florida Mall, its an easy break from a day of shopping, or it is a great destination on its own, with the chance to fit in a couple hours of shopping afterwards.

Situated between Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods, the Crayola Experience takes the place of the old Nordstrom’s and it’s 70,000 sq. ft., two story facility is big enough to house hours of creative play.

Crayola Experience Orlando Entry

Want to get the kids excited about coming? Here are 16 Disney-themed coloring pages from Crayola to color!

What to Do at the Crayola Experience

There are 26 hands-on attractions that foster creativity, engaged play, and lots of fun throughout the complex. See some of what we did during our visit, in the video below:

We walked through the entire Crayola Experience, showing you every single activity in the colorfully unique space. Here’s the tour:

First up as soon as you enter the second floor experience (and one of the coolest), is Wrap It Up! These kiosks let you choose a color of crayon, and then create a personalized wrapper for that crayon. Note, a token is required for each crayon.

Wrap It Up Crayola Experience Orlando
Create your own crayon color at Crayola Experience Orlando

In the Crayon Factory, you’ll see crayons actually be born, using old Crayola machinery and a mix of video displays with animated Crayola crayons, as well as live hands on demonstrations of melting hot wax, sorting and boxing. Get a free crayon at the end, too.

Watch our video below for a glimpse of the show.

Modeling Madness lets you purchase modeling clay using tokens and build a creation at tables nearby.

Be a Star is where you can become a coloring page character. Pick a background featuring Crayola crayons, pose in front of the camera, and print out your coloring page.

Be a Star Crayola Experience Orlando
Be A Star Create your Own Coloring Page
Create Your Own Coloring Page Crayola Experience

Art Alive lets you choose shapes from a computer screen, color them in, and watch them appear on large floor to ceiling screens in front of you

Toddler Town is great fun for little ones, with a huge Lite Brite-type interactive activity to play with.

Crayola Crayons Tower and Coloring Orlando

Scribble Square is the fantasy of every child, to take a marker and draw on whatever they see! Go ahead, draw on the statues – they’ll wash right off!

Doodle in the Dark lets you play with a dark board and neon markers for a different coloring experience.

Color Magic turns your coloring pages into 3D characters that move and interact with you on a computer screen. You can even send yourself a computer animated version of the coloring sheet character via email.

Color Magic Color Your Own Character Crayola Experience

Color Playground is a fun place for little ones to run off some energy.

You Design lets you design, scan and accessorize a fashion outfit or car – and do it all digitally. Then see it on the screen and “try it on” and pose for a picture.

Stomp and Play is a fun alcove with moving images broadcast on the floor, while kids try to stomp on them.

Paint Palette, Puzzle It! and Meltdown are more places to put crayons and creativity to paper and enjoy a fun time with arts and crafts. Take home your creation for a unique souvenir!

Meltdown Crayola Experience
Melted Crayon Artwork

At Drip Art, staff members assist you in melting down two color crayons to spin and whirl in a centrifuge, creating abstract, always one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork with a three dimensional twist.

Drip Art Crayola Experience

At Melt and Mold, take a crayon and make it melt to create a seahorse, shark, ring, or car. You can color with the character, for sure, but that ruins the special masterpiece you created!

Rainbow Rain lets you “dance” under flowing digital colored rain, and your movements make the colors disappear on the large screen.

Crayola Cafe Menu

Don’t worry if you get hungry (the average stay is 4-5 hours at Crayola Experience, so you probably will need to eat). The café serves up kid-friendly, reasonably priced food.

Crayola Cafe Menu Orlando Crayola Experience
Cafe Crayola Menu

FYI: No outside food or drinks are permitted.

Birthday Parties at Crayola Experience

Of course, there are party rooms for some seriously awesome birthday parties and gatherings!!

These Crayola outfits would be PERFECT for a birthday party here!

And these adorable Crayola costumes for kids and adults would be great, too, for a really fun party!

Crayola Experience Store

Save time for shopping in the Crayola Store, with a mix of brightly colored vintage and modern apparel, plush toys souvenirs and creativity supplies. Make your own specialty Crayola pack and choose from the dizzying array of 99 of Crayola’s most popular colors! It’s a rainbow of colors of crayons and markers that’s not to be missed.

Crayola Store Orlando
Crayola Plush Orlando
Crayola Crayon Plush
Crayola T-Shirt
Pick Your Pack Crayola Experience Orlando
Crayola Merchandise Orlando
Crayola Merchandise

Also, check out their custom Florida-themed 96-count box, with colors such as Aquamarine and Manatee.

Crayola Florida Box of Crayons Crayola Experience
Unique Crayola crayons box set
Crayola Florida Crayon Colors

Why do we love the Crayola Experience so much?

  • Kim at Crayola ExperienceIt’s a fair price, for a lot of great play!
  • The prices for everything, from food to retail, are not outrageous.
  • You can take home souvenirs, without paying a fortune for them.
  • It’s temperature controlled, indoor play – which means it’s out of the heat and rain!
  • It’s right inside The Florida Mall, meaning  you can combine two attractions in one.
  • It’s fun!!!!
  • It’s nice to feel like a kid again 🙂

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Mikki (@notperfectwife)

Saturday 4th of July 2015

Looks like a lot of fun!! Wish my girls were little again. We loved going to places like this! Hope it does well!