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Disney Debuts Animal Poop Snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Disney has actually started selling animal poop themed snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park near Orlando, Florida. In an attraction known for animal conservation, the jump from real-life gross animal poop that you wouldn’t want to step in to creating a tasty snack resembling the same thing isn’t that far of a stretch.

Zuris Sweets Harambe Marketplace Animal Kingdom Disneys

The snacks debuted June 17 for the first time at Zuri’s Sweets Shop during its first day of opening at the new Harambe Marketplace area of the Africa land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The “Match the Species” snacks exactly resemble real animal dung for one reason – the animal handlers of Disney’s Animal Kingdom worked in conjunction with pastry chefs so that they perfected the look of the animal poop exactly.

Match the Species Animal Poop Snacks Disneys Animal Kingdom

Selection Animal Poop Snacks Disneys Animal Kingdom

Animal Poop Snacks Giraffe

Four animal species are represented currently – Giraffe, Elephant, Tamarin and Hippo.

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The snacks differ in ingredients used. They are chocolate based, with coconut, pretzel, and peanut butter add ins when appropriate for the correct look of the animal scat.

I tried the Giraffe Poop, as I shared on Instagram (and instantly got a lot of comments of surprise!). It’s a chocolate brownie bite snack.

Giraffe Poop Snack

The snacks cost $3.99. I can’t say they are the best treats I’ve ever eaten at Disney, but they are a conversation piece.

Currently, they are only available at Zuri’s Sweets.

Snacks resembling animal poop were short lived at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Did you get a chance to see - or taste - these unique treats?!?

Note: Walt Disney World has removed these poop treats from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as of June 29, 2015, just two weeks after they debuted. Based on the comments that we received, perhaps Disney guests didn’t respond too well to feces-shaped snacks. Oh, well, we’ve still got the receipt stating that we bought Giraffe Poo from Walt Disney World 😉

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Kyle Turtle

Monday 22nd of June 2015

I can't wait to go to AK to eat some Elephant poop! :P


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Brilliant idea, the pre to early teens will think this is COOL ! Imagine going back home and telling your friends you ate elephant poop at WDW....always thinking about what will sell !!


Sunday 21st of June 2015

New low for Disney


Sunday 21st of June 2015

I think we should all get a sense of humor! It made me laugh, I think that is the point.

susan ibanez

Sunday 21st of June 2015