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Best Flight Attendant Gifts for 2023

Have you ever given much thought to the hard work of a flight attendant on your flight? Not only do they need to smile and be friendly to the passengers all day long, with little alone time for themselves, but they are also responsible for your safety while traveling. Yes, the flight crew’s first priority is making sure you adhere to rules set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration for your safety.

Of course, flight attendants are also the helpful men and women that give us snacks and beverages, help up with luggage, move seats, arrange for transfers and generally deal with a hundred personalities all at once.

Is it any wonder that they could use some love? So as you are getting ready to start your amazing vacation adventure for rest and relaxation, why not share the joy by giving some of these best gifts for flight attendants?

spirit airlines flight attendants with family on plane
The Spirit Airlines flight crew made my nephews first flight so much fun! We are so thankful to them!

I’ve got to admit, I never thought about giving a gift to flight attendants until my friend John DiScala, who runs, started sharing on his Facebook page why he gives flight crews boxes of chocolates. They are all always so appreciative when he does.

So it made me realize that there is a great opportunity to spread joy in the sometimes stressful moments of traveling.

Giving gifts to flight attendants is not necessary. And, let’s be honest, you’re likely not getting moved up to Business Class seats for free just because you gave a flight attendant a box of chocolates.

However, it is a nice gesture for the people that make our travel just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. It’s a nice way just to be nice.

Spirit Airlines flight attendant giving boarding announcement
Our funny Spirit Airlines flight attendant.

International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day is May 31, but we think every day is a great day to express gratitude!

Can You Give Gifts to Flight Attendants?

Yes, you can! Giving a small gift to a flight attendant lets them know you appreciate their hard work. In today’s travel atmosphere, flight crews are feeling overworked and under appreciated. Gifting them a small present is a perfect way to reduce their stress and increase happiness.

Every airline has different rules, but in general flight crew are allowed to accept gifts from passengers.

pilot showing young boy airplane cockpit
The flight crew makes all of the difference for a happy and stress-free flight!

Gifts Flight Attendants Can’t Accept

While it’s always the thought that counts, you don’t want to give a gift to someone only to have it refused. So here is what flight attendants cannot accept from passengers:

  • Homemade foods and drinks
  • Food and beverages that are not packaged
  • Cash

Also, don’t give large gifts that will be hard to store in the overhead compartment or walk through the airport with. While it is a nice gesture, large items for use at home will be a hassle for the flight crew to store while they are working.

Best Gifts for Flight Attendants

These are some of the best things to give the flight crew as thank you gifts.

If you are giving treats for the entire flight crew, it is best to give all of them to the first flight attendant you see, for him or her to pass to the others.

Leave a small note with the gifts with your seat number so that they can come to thank you, if they would like to. (These note cards are great to include!)

luggage note cards for thank you notes
These travel note cards are perfect to give to flight attendants. They have a gift card holder inside if you’d like to add a small Starbucks card, too.
Photo: Etsy shop PointsandMilesStudio

Keep in mind if you choose liquids and toiletries, they will count against your TSA maximum limit if you are bringing them from home and passing through security.

  • Starbucks gift cards in small denominations
  • Box or bag of Chocolate
  • Single serve bags of candy (think M&Ms, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, etc.)
  • Mini granola bars (such as KIND bar minis)
  • Mini toiletries kit (this gift set is awesome because it has a lot of hydrating products that flight attendants need or this zero-waste gift set is full of solid toiletries that don’t need to meet TSA guidelines)
  • Facial mist spray (I like this non-aerosol kind)
  • Hand cream
  • Individually packed facial masks (sheet masks)
  • Gel eye masks
  • Lip balms (I have this 6-pack of organic lip balms and love them! Makes a perfect mini gift!)
  • Hand written note, card or postcard thanking them for their work
  • Any sealed food
  • Eye masks
  • Hand sanitizer mini bottle
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Refreshing hand and body wipes or cleansing towelettes
  • Mints
  • Gum
  • Travel toothpaste and toothbrush holder with cup
  • Vitamin C packets and drink mixes, such as EmergenC
  • Small facial tissue packets (I like these Kleenex travel packs with great sayings on the packaging)
  • A smile, making eye contact, and friendly conversation. Seriously.

How to Make a Flight Attendant Goodie Bag

You might feel like handing a flight attendant a tube of lip balm is kinda weird and not really exciting, right? So why not make a goodie bag for the flight attendants?

Gather a few small items together and put them in a cute bag. You can use ziplock bags with a sticker on the front (I love these travel stickers), or small little gift bags.

I personally love these travel inspired mini drawstring bags. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are unique! And, your flight attendants can reuse them as toiletry bags, stuff their used masks in, keep snacks, etc.

mini canvas drawstring bag with flight amenities surrounding it
Photo: Etsy shop PartyArtCommunity

I also love these tiny suitcase favor boxes.

And these mini plastic suitcase storage boxes are absolutely adorable! They even have a handle that pulls up!

When making goodie bags, you can use a few items in each bag. Great ideas for the perfect flight attendant goodie bag are:

  • EmergenC
  • Lip Balm
  • Towelettes
  • Treats such as chocolate, mints or granola bars
  • Mini hand cream
  • Paper face mask or gel eye cream mask
  • Hand sanitizer bottle or wipes

Cool Gifts for Flight Crew

If you want to spend a little more money for a really great gift for flight attendants, especially at Christmas, consider some of these great items:

Airplane Ornament

These Christmas ornaments are the absolute perfect gift for flight crew flying over the holidays!

christmas snowflake ornament made from mini airplanes
Photo: Etsy shop ShopKCOhio

These airplane Christmas ornaments can be customized with the year, name or even airline. Lightweight and easy to pack, but makes a big impression on your flight crew!

Christmas tree ornament made out of mini airplanes
Photo: Etsy shop ShopKCOhion

Flight T-Shirt

A simple t-shirt with an airplane and heart that shows their love of flying. Perfect for wearing on days off or in the hotel on a layover.

pink t-shirt with airplane and heart
Photo: Etsy shop PegasusApparelUS

Most flight attendants are going to love this “Catch Flights Not Feelings” t-shirt after dealing with thousands of people each day.

t-shirts with the saying Catch Flights not Feelings
Photo: Etsy shop HeraDesignCompany

Luggage Strap

Any luggage strap will be greatly appreciated, to help flight attendants make their bags stand out. These crew luggage tags are especially great for identifying luggage among passenger’s bags. (The tags are made by a flight attendant, and she’s got a lot of other great flight attendant gifts in her shop, too.)

luggage tags in variety of colors with word CREW embroidered
Photo: Etsy shop AboveCloudsCreation

Airplane Necklace

A simple expression of their love of flying. This necklace makes a big statement, but isn’t as expensive as you might think.

airplane necklace worn on a woman's neck
Photo: Etsy shop ResinJewelrybyNina

Wine Glass

You know that some flight attendants need a drink after dealing with passengers all day. Why not add a little humor to their wine glass?

clear wine glass with saying Because Passengers
Photo: Etsy shop JMCreations18

Airplane Bottle Opener

A perfect gift to enjoy at home. They’ll think of your kindness every time they use this airplane bottle holder.

gold bottle opener in the shape of an airplane
Photo: Etsy shop ATPModern

Decorative Dress Pull

Created by a flight attendant, you know that these decorative zipper pulls are a necessary addition to a flight attendant’s uniform! It adds a touch of personality to uniforms and makes it easier to reach the zippers in the back of the top. Comes in a variety of colors and stones.

dress pull on zipper of flight attendant uniform
Photo: Etsy shop FlyGirlBling

Airplane Key Chains

Who doesn’t need a cute key chain to keep track of keys at home? These airplane key chains will be well loved and much used when they are happy to be at home!

wooden key chains with airplane cut outs in the middle
Photo: Etsy shop ShopKCOhio

Getting ready to fly? Be sure to see what we always carry on a plane.