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Volcano Bay Cabana Rentals: 2024 Prices and What You Need to Know

Volcano Bay has become one of the best water parks in Orlando. The Universal Orlando theme park is very popular and can get very crowded. You might be considering a Volcano Bay Cabana rental to get a little more privacy and luxury during your visit. Here’s what you need to know about booking.

What Types of Cabanas Are Available?

Volcano Bay’s cabanas are unlike most resort cabana rentals. All of the cabanas have a tree-house or tiki-hut feel, with dark wood and decor. The cabanas come in a two-story configuration, with upper cabanas on top of the lower ones.

Upper and lower Volcano Bay cabanas behind standard lounge chair seats

Yes, that means that you will have people above you in an upper cabana if you have a lower cabana.

There are 51 cabanas available. Most are in the upper and lower configurations.

The lower cabanas have easy, ground-level access. This might be the choice for you if you are traveling with anyone with limited mobility or have kids that want to run right out of the cabana into the sand.

Upper cabanas give you a better view of the water park. They have the same amenities, however they also have an additional patio that stretches out over the lower cabana. So, technically, you will get more space. However, you will need to climb the stairs to get to your cabana.

Stand-alone cabanas will give you more privacy, since you won’t have people above you or climbing the stairs beside you if you have the lower cabana.

There are two stand-alone cabanas inside Runamukka Reef (#11 and #12), which is a kids play area. While you cannot request being in or out of this location, keep this in mind when checking in.

Family cabanas (#1 and #3) are similar to the other types, just with a lot more space for 16 people. There are only 2 family cabanas available.

To see every single cabana, watch this video below:

Cabanas are especially nice to have if it starts to rain while you are at the water park. Be sure to see the Volcano Bay Rain Policy.

What Is Included in a Cabana Rental?

A cabana rental gives you a private space just for you and your family where no one else is going to be stealing your lounge chairs! In addition to your own private oasis, your fully stocked cabana includes:

  • One large padded lounge chair
  • 2 chairs to sit in
  • Table with checkerboard on top
  • Concierge service (raise the flag for your waiter to come to your cabana; order from any of the 4 restaurants or 2 bars)
  • Text an attendant for more towels, waters, or any requests
  • Small refrigerator stocked with bottled waters
  • Food basket stocked with fruit and snacks, such as danishes, muffins and cookies (Included in price)
  • Exclusive food and drink menu (you have to pay for the food)
  • Free towels to use, as well as towel service to bring you more if needed
  • Storage Locker with plenty of room for your phones, chargers, etc.
  • Ceiling fan
  • Curtains for privacy on three sides
  • Music in cabana
  • Guest Experience Transformation (GET) Tablet which allows you to schedule your virtual lines in your cabana, rather than running around with your TapuTapu

The family cabana includes:

  • 8 chairs to sit in
  • 2 large padded lounge chairs
  • An expandable dining table

How Many People Are Allowed in a Cabana?

Only 6 people are allowed in the single cabana units. Up to 16 people are allowed in the family cabana.

Can I Request a Specific Cabana?

No, you cannot request a specific cabana number. You can reserve either a upper cabana, lower cabana, stand alone cabana or family cabana. However, the location is to be determined when you arrive at Volcano Bay.

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Volcano Bay Cabana Rental Cost

Prices fluctuate greatly based on the time of year, crowd levels, and how far in advance you reserve your cabana.

In 2021, the prices varied from $200-800 for a one day rental.

For a July 2022 reservation, the price quotes were $750 for a standard cabana and $1,100 for a family cabana. A June 2022 reservation had the price of the family cabana at $1,200.

However, an October 24, 2022 reservation cost only $212, though it was booked in June.

When looking at price estimates, make sure that they are prices in 2022, because the prices have skyrocketed since mid-2021.

Booking early usually locks in a better rate than booking last minute.

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Be sure to see our packing list of What to Bring to Volcano Bay!

What is Premium Seating?

If the cost of a private cabana rental is too much for you, then consider the more affordable Premium Seating option. Premium Seating includes 2 padded seating lounge chairs with an adjustable shade cover, as well as a storage locker in between the chairs for valuables.

You will also get a waiter that will bring you food and drink that you have ordered off of the menu.

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How much does Premium Seating cost? Again, it varies with season and demand. However, during a visit in 2021, a cabana was renting for $700 while premium seats were $119 for two people.

Are There Accessible Cabanas?

Yes, there are accessible cabanas. Be sure to tell your reservation agent that you require an accessible unit. Units #13, 14, 15 and 17 have an elevator.

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Can I Get a Cabana During Early Entry at Volcano Bay?

Yes, cabanas will be ready for guests who are able to enter Volcano Bay early as a perk for staying at a Universal Orlando Hotel.

Is My Reservation Refundable?

No. As of this time, your booking is not refundable for any reason. Confirm current policies while making your reservation.

Can I Book Cabanas or Premium Seating Online?

No, you have to call Universal Orlando to book the cabanas or premium seating. This can be a hassle because it has taken 1-2 hours of being on hold before being able to talk to someone.

Cabana Reservation Phone Number, to book, call 1-877-801-9720.

To book Premium Seating, call (877) 489-8068.

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Can I Wait Until the Day I Arrive to Get a Cabana?

Volcano Bay is popular and there are a limited amount of cabanas and premium seating. Chances are good that they will all be reserved and booked. However, you can go to the Cabana Hut check-in (to the left of the Volcano at the entrance to the water park) when you arrive to see if there are any available.

Where Do I Check In For My Cabana?

The check in kiosks are located inside the water park after you have gone through the turnstiles. The Cabana Hut will be to the left as you are looking at the volcano.

An attendant will guide you to your cabana or premium seating.

Do I Need to Tip My Cabana Attendant?

While not mandatory, it is pretty much expected that you tip.

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Helpful Tips

  • Cabanas are reserved all day. You don’t have to get there early if you don’t want to.
  • These small portable safes attach to a beach chair, so that you can leave your valuables secure while enjoying the water rides.
  • Want to get a cabana on the day you arrive? You might be able to get a cabana at 30% off when people leave their cabanas early. In the afternoon, ask if there are any available.
  • Use a waterproof fanny pack to bring your phone and other valuables with you while swimming and on the rides if you don’t want to leave everything in the locker.
  • Consider bringing a notepad or scratch paper to leave notes to your party if you are doing separate activities.
  • Bring flavor drops for the water bottles to save money on buying beverages. You will get free bottled water, so make the most of them!


Wednesday 24th of August 2022

I’ve a Cabana booked but my 2 sons now would like to bring their girlfriends for the day. This would make us 7 in total. Any idea how strict they are with cabana entry for the 7th person?


Saturday 17th of September 2022

Jeremy, that's a question we wouldn't be able to answer. But it's going to be pretty clear there are 7 adults, so it will be hard to hide that fact!


Sunday 17th of July 2022

Great article, thank you. Most and relevant information I needed to know and straight to the point. Are there, by the way, lounge chairs, seatings that are free of charge otherwise? I am not ready to spend that amount of money on a cabana rentals or preferred seats. Thank you.

Kim Button

Sunday 17th of July 2022

Thanks, Jette! Yes, there are plenty of free lounge chairs for everyone to choose from. The reason that some people choose to pay more for preferred seating or cabanas is because they don't want to have to hunt for a seat, they want shade (important in florida) or they want to guarantee their party is together. If you get to the water park early, you likely won't have a problem. Especially if you don't need to be right by the waterfront at the kids pool. However, if you arrive around lunch time, you will probably find that the most desirable seats have been taken.


Friday 15th of July 2022

They removed the fans and told no one!!! Plus early entry is great but we rented for $950 today, July 15 and weren’t told the workers don’t start until 10am. They also took over an hour to bring us a welcome basket, and then 50 minute wait for food. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. We ended up going and grabbing our own food and drinks twice and took us only 15 minutes. Wrote to customer service because when asked to talk with manager waited 35 minutes and got another server instead.

Kim Button

Friday 15th of July 2022

Wow, Maria! That is a lot of money to pay and not get service! Do you know if they removed the fans from all of the cabanas or was it just yours? How can there not be a welcome basket when you arrive, or shortly after arriving?!?


Monday 30th of May 2022

I am looking to book a cabana for beginning of october 2023. What day of the week is cheapest and roughly how much are they selling for in oct going by this years prices. I will be booking as soon as booking is available.

Eric Gavin

Monday 30th of May 2022

@Kim Button,

Universal has to be kidding with these prices. Admission and a cabana at Volcano Bay runs about twice the cost of Typhoon Lagoon. While I’m willing to accept that Volcano Bay may be a better water park than Typhoon Lagoon, there is no way to enough to justify double the price.

Kim Button

Monday 30th of May 2022

Debbie, you'll have to call and ask. The prices are always changing according to demand, so it's impossible to guess a day of the week that is cheapest if the week that you are booking is popular, if that makes sense.