9 Best Water Bottles for Disney World

In Florida’s heat and humidity year round, bringing the right water bottle to Walt Disney World is a must.


9 Best Water Bottles For Walt Disney World To Beat the Heat

9 Best Water Bottles For Walt Disney World To Beat the Heat

1.  A bottle of water at Walt Disney World costs about $2.50 per bottle for around 16 oz of water. For a family of 4, that’s more than $10 each time you’re feeling thirsty. If you only buy five bottles of water each person a day (you’ll need that much or more in the heat), that’s more than $50 a day! Multiply that number by how many days you’ll be on vacation. Can you imagine all of the money that you’ll save by buying a reusable water bottle now?

2.  Those plastic water bottles sweat like crazy. They might be cold when you get them, but they warm up too fast and sweat condensation all over, making it hard to hold or messy to put in your bag or pocket.

3. Heat exhaustion is a VERY real threat when at Walt Disney World, especially in the heat of Spring, Summer and even Fall (it was still close to 90 degrees in December last year!) It doesn’t take long to overheat with the combo of walking, being surrounded by pavement and hard surfaces reflecting heat, the temperature itself, and the soaring humidity.

4. You can get ice cold water for FREE! Yes, free. You can go up to any quick service counter and ask for a free cup of water, whether you’re ordering food or not. It’s always been a Disney policy. However, you’ve got to have a place to store the water if you don’t drink it all immediately. You can enter attractions and queue lines with bottles, but not open cups of liquids.

So save LOTS of money, save time and you know what, save the environment, too, by buying these reusable water bottles on your Disney vacation – and all vacations!

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Stainless Steel with no Sweating

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle: 9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

We cannot say enough great things about Klean Kanteen products. We’ve put them through the test in scorching summer heat at Disney theme parks, and they always work amazing! Add ice to these insulated stainless steel bottles with a wide mouth (important for when you’re washing) and it will stay cold for hours and hours with no sweating.

Carrie bought one specifically for storing hot water for when her newborn son visited Disney World and she needed hot water to mix with formula. The water was actually kept so hot all day long, she had to cool it off hours later to use it for the formula.

This is a multi-purpose bottle, easily transitioning from hot (think coffee or tea in the morning) to cold (ice water for the afternoons) in one day, or appropriate for drinks all year round. I recently packed hot cocoa while hiking in the Grand Tetons in May.

Disney Water Bottles

9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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Want something Disney themed for your Walt Disney World vacation? We get it. Why not pick a different Disney character water bottle for each member of the family? These Zak! Designs Tritan water bottles are break-resistant and BPA-free, yet show of your individual Disney side for under $10! That’s less than the cost of three bottles of water.

Filtered Water

9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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The only water bottle tumbler with filters that reduce lead (along with lots of other nasty stuff), we love these ZeroWater water bottles. Check out our surprising video when we put the pitcher system to the test. It really works! Seriously, just buy the combo pack and get the pitcher for at home, too. It’s that good.

See how well it works in this video we did:

Filtering water lets you refill from any tap or water fountain without worry, creating cleaner water for drinking and possibly disguising any weird tastes, too.

Collapsible Water Bottles

Hydrapak: 9 Best Water Bottles for Disney World

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We love the Hydrapak Stash water bottle for its natural anti-fungal qualities. It’s also BPA-free and PVC-free and meets or beats FDA and EU regulations (the EU tends to be stricter than the U.S.). On top of that, it’s just plain cool, how it twists to fold up when you want to stash it away.

Vapur Fold Flat Water Bottle: 9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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We also love the Vapur Anti-Bottles water bottles that flatten as you enjoy the water throughout the day. They fold up flat when not in use (perfect for when it comes time to pack up your luggage) and with a handy hook you can strap them to a belt loop, purse, or backpack. They are trickier to clean, though, just an FYI.

Add Flavor To Your Water

9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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Add flavor to your water effortlessly with these infusing water bottles. Add fruit (from your breakfast buffet at the hotel!), herbs such as mint, tea bags or whatever flavors you want to flavor your water all day. The longer it steeps, the bolder the flavor gets.

Big Bottles for the Whole Family

Under Armor Canteen Water Bottle: 9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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Want water for the whole family, without having to keep track of individual bottles? Fill up this 64 oz. Under Armour Insulated water bottle and you’ve got enough chilled water to last for a while. Perfect when you want to fill up once at the beginning of the day, and not worry about water bottles for a while.

Secret Storage in Water Bottles

9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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Water bottle with a compartment for keys, credit cards and cash?!? BRILLIANT! The Kangaroo Gym Water Bottle has a secret compartment to store your essentials.

9 Best Water Bottles for Disney

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Kids will feel stealthy – while also not asking you to get out the bags of snacks – when you give them one of these Frozen water bottles with a snack compartment attached. Fill it up with water and food such as goldfish or pretzels, and they’ve got their snack situation under control when they want.


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