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Harry Potter Crafts: Golden Snitch DIY Necklace

The Golden Snitch is the most sought-after ball in the Harry Potter game of Quidditch. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to catch the small ball and win the game immediately?

Golden Snitch Necklace Harry Potter DIY

If you love all things Harry Potter, you probably have a love for the Golden Snitch. Which is why this Harry Potter DIY to make a beautiful Golden Snitch necklace is so much fun.

All Things Harry Potter

Living in Orlando, we are surrounded by all things Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. In fact, we can see the back of Harry Potter lands at Universal Orlando driving home. How cool is that?

You don’t have to be visiting the lands of Harry Potter, though, to show the world that you are a proud Potterhead!

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This Golden Snitch DIY craft tutorial uses simple materials you can buy online or in a craft store to create a Golden Snitch. 

Golden Snitch Ball with Wings Necklace on red background with Harry Potter wand

Harry Potter DIY: Golden Snitch Necklace



  • Plier and wire cutters
  • Spoon
  • Wax Paper
  • Oven
  • Paintbrush

Golden Snitch DIY Necklace Harry Potter Crafts


1. Combine the orange and yellow polymer clay.

orange yellow and white pieces of clay in woman's hand against white background

rolled orange clay ball in woman's hand against white background2. Roll this now goldeny-yellow clay into a ball.

3. Roll this ball in the gold glitter. Set aside.

golden ball of clay covered in glitter in woman's hand against white background

4. Combine white and off-white polymer clay.

5. Break the combined white clay into two equal portions.

6. Roll one combined white clay portion into a skinny tube.

white clay rolled in tube in woman's hand

7. Flatten skinny tube into a wing shape about 2-inches long and ½ inch wide, pointy on one end and rounded on the other.

white clay wings for Golden Snitch necklace

8. Copy the same wing shape using the second combined white clay portion.

9. Using the spoon, mark the surface of each wing with thing “feathers”.

spoon on white clay wings to make feathers for Golden Snitch

10. Flip the wings and mark the other side with feathers.

11. Attach the wings to each side of the gold ball.

Golden Snitch Ball with wings Necklace

12. Slide one eye pin into each wing end. Insert all of the way until just the round eye shows.

Be careful that the eye pin is entirely in the clay and not poking through the back.

eye pin in clay of golden snitch wing feather

13. Seal the snitch according to package instructions with the clay glaze. (Our instructions were to place the snitch into the oven on wax paper for 30 minutes.)

14. Remove from the oven and allow snitch to cool completely.

15. Attach a jump ring to each eye pin ring.

16. Attach necklace ends to each jump ring.

golden snitch ball with wings necklace on red background with wand

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