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Best iPhone Harry Potter Spells using Siri

Did you know that there are Harry Potter spells using Siri on your iPhone? So get rid of your limited-Muggle thinking and start casting magical commands by saying “Hey Siri!”

This is really fun to do while waiting in lines for rides at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But let’s face it, it’s fun to do in the grocery store line, too!

Here’s how to harness your hidden magical powers using your iPhone as a wand!

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Hey Siri Harry Potter Spells

Keep in mind that you must have Siri enabled on your iPhone for these spells to work. If you are not sure how to use Siri on your phone, see our helpful instructions at the end of the article.

Harry Potter Flashlight Trick on iPhone

One of the easiest Harry Potter commands to make using Siri is turning on the flashlight on your phone.

  • Say “Hey Siri, Lumos” to turn the flashlight on
  • Say “Hey Siri, Not” to turn the flashlight off

Lumos is Harry Potter’s wand-lighting command. When saying Lumos, the tip of the wand will light up to see in the dark. Much like your iPhone will light up when you say Lumos.

Nox (pronounced ‘knocks’) puts the light out on a wand, as well as on your iPhone.

Magically Open an App

Use this Harry Potter trick with Siri to open any app you have on your phone.

  • Say “Hey Siri, Accio (and the app name) to open the app

The word “Accio” is the command used to bring an object towards the spell caster in Harry Potter.

Accio is pronounced Ack-ee-oh

You will need to have your phone unlocked before this spell works, though.

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More Harry Potter Tricks with Siri

The previous commands will work on your iPhone without needing to set up special shortcuts. However, if you are tech-savvy or just want to expand your Harry Potter spells, you might also like these commands.

You will need to use the Shortcuts app. Create a new shortcut, then add the following commands to work as spells with Siri.

Hey Siri, Lumos Maxima

Your flashlight on your iPhone will be turned on using the maximum brightness when you cast this spell.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Set Flashlight,” then set to turn it “On,” and slide the brightness slider all the way to the right for maximum brightness.

Hey Siri, Muffliato

In Harry Potter, Muffliato is the charm that keeps anyone from hearing your conversation by muffling it with a buzzing sound.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Set Volume,” and then change the volume to a lower amount.

Hey Siri, Silencio

Silence your alarms and turn on Do Not Disturb with this command.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Set Focus,” then turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode until “Turned Off.”

Hey Siri, Quietus

Bring your phone back to a comfortable level of volume with this command.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Set Volume,” and set it to whatever volume level you like the most.

Hey Siri, Sonorus

Make things louder with this spell that increases the volume.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Set Volume,” and set it to 100% (or whatever level you’d like).

Hey Siri, Sternius

Add a sneezing sound to your iPhone to play when you cast a command.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “File” action and then select an audio file of a sneezing sound. Then add the “Play Sound” action.

Hey Siri, Point Me

This command doesn’t do much, but it’s still cool to use a Harry Potter spell on your phone. Using the Compass app, your command will point your phone (or wand) north.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add “Open App” action and then pick “Compass” as the app.

Hey Siri, Homenum Revelio

In Harry Potter, the “Homenum Revelio” spell will show the presence of humans. In real-life, you can reveal your friends in your vicinity.

  • Using the Shortcuts app, add the “Open URLs” action, and then set the URL to findmyfriends:// or fmf1://

How to Turn On Siri

In order to use these spells, you will need to turn on Siri.

To enable Siri, go to Settings, then look for Siri & Search.

Then toggle on the “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'” button. Which means slide the button until it turns green and is on.

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