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Worst Universal Rides for Motion Sickness in 2024

If you are like my entire family and easily get queasy on theme park rides, these are the worst Universal Rides for motion sickness that you want to avoid at all costs!

Many of these attractions often cause queasy feelings, headaches and even throwing up for people that are prone to motion sickness or not.

So if you are wondering which rides at Universal Studios cause motion sickness, read this list, print it out (list at the end) and don’t bother wasting your time trying to ride these attractions.

If you are interested in whether or not you might be able to tolerate the ride, we have included a point-of-view (POV) video of each attraction on this list so you can see where the problems might be for you.

Not only will you save a lot of time, you will also enjoy your day a lot more. And be able to eat all of the yummy food!

To put things in perspective, I get motion sickness very easily, especially when watching screens with a lot of movement. In fact, I’ve been known to start getting queasy on the 360 films at Epcot’s World Showcase pavilion. And there’s no way that I can handle Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom or some of these other rides that can cause motion sickness at Walt Disney World. So there are some comparisons you can use.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

One of the most popular and eagerly anticipated attractions at Universal Orlando Resort is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Muggles who get motion sickness need to fly on by, though, because this ride is one of the worst for causing motion sickness!

This attraction is a combination of a ride and watching the screen. As anyone who gets motion sickness knows, watching a screen with fast visual effects and constant twists and turns can make you sick instantly, even if you are not moving.

While you could close your eyes while riding this attraction, you would not experience a lot of the excitement of this ride. The excitement is feeling like you are flying and encountering Dementors along the way. That’s why it’s considered one of the 33 Things Not to Miss in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

There are spins and a pretty big drop, too. And this attraction also requires 3D glasses. All of those things combined can create a pretty bad experience with motion sickness.

Insider Tip: Even if you get motion sickness, stand in line for this ride! Seriously! Going inside Hogwart’s Castle is amazing! You can walk through the entire queue line and see all of the amazing details before asking to exit as they start boarding the attraction.

See what the ride looks like in this video:

The Simpsons Ride

Perhaps the absolute worst for motion sickness at Universal Studios Orlando. Seriously.

This attraction is avoided by almost everyone who gets motion sickness. If you have been on once, you probably won’t go on ever again!

It is a combination of roller coaster and a sudden drop so you are experiencing a lot of potential problems in one ride.

The Springfield section of the theme park is so well themed with so many unique opportunities to meet Simpson characters, eat iconic foods and take fun photos that it is not worth riding this attraction and feeling sick for hours afterwards.

sign for Springfield USA land with Lard Lad Donuts statue in background

See what the ride looks like in this video:

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

Another one of the worst rides for motion sickness is this high speed race ride with twists and turns.

Based on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the host, you are racing through New York and experiencing Fallon’s wacky ride by iconic New York City sights and encounters with characters that fan’s of the show will know.

This attraction requires 3D glasses, which can exaberate motion sickness.

Insider Tip: If you love the show, then make sure to go through the queue line and watch the pre-show. You might be able to meet Hashtag the Panda, write thank you notes, and watch Fallon’s monologues on the screen.

See what the ride looks like in this video:

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

You would think that these tiny little minions adored by kids can’t be that bad! But you’d be wrong!

young boy shaking hands with minion character at Universal Studios

Located in the new Minions Land at Universal Studios, the minion ride is one of the worst for causing motion sickness!

Again, the queasy factor on this attraction comes from watching the screen.

Just like most Universal Studios rides, you can walk through the attraction queue and even enjoy the pre-show before asking to leave as they are boarding guests on the attraction.

If you don’t want to “ride,” there are benches in the front of the attraction that don’t move.

Insider Tip: Go on the ride, but close your eyes so that you don’t see the screen!

See what the ride looks like in this video:

Storm Force Accelatron

If you avoid the teacup ride at Magic Kingdom at Disney World, then you will definitely want to avoid Storm Force Accelatron, too.

There is not too much to explain about why this attraction will cause motion sickness! You will be riding in vehicles that are spinning around on a platform while you can spin the vehicle on the platform at the same time.

Just writing that makes me feel sick!

See what the ride looks like in this video:

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

This ride has a 400-foot freefall drop at the end that can mess with your stomach and cause you to start feeling motion sick.

While the rest of the ride isn’t so bad, it is this sharp drop that can really jumpstart that queasy feeling and leaving you feeling bad all day.

See what the ride is like in this video:


While not one of the worst rides for motion sickness, those that are really sensitive could start feeling queasy with the simulated drops, like the big drop at the end!

However, this ride is somewhat rough all the way through, so that could be an issue if you are sensitive to movements.

This ride also uses 3D glasses to make the flight seem real. So that reality could mess with your motion sickness, too.

See what this ride looks like in this video:

Want to keep a list of these worst Universal Studios rides for motion sickness? Screenshot or download our free printable to reference while at the theme parks.

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