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Best Age To Bring Kids to Universal Studios

Parents know that any age is perfect for kids at Walt Disney World and Disneyland because so many of the attractions are created for small kids. There is no worry about whether you will be wasting money on a park ticket. However, it is definitely more difficult to determine the best age for kids at Universal Studios.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not Universal Studios is good for children 8 years and younger. Kids 9 years and older generally will enjoy the day without worry. But younger kids can struggle with frustration if they have not reached certain height milestones.

Our guide to when to bring kid to Universal Studios can help you make the most of your vacation days and travel budget by helping you decide when to plan your Universal Studios vacation in either Orlando or Hollywood.

mother and daughter in front of Universal Studios Orlando sign

Important Things to Consider

Only you know your child and their needs. One person’s 5 year old might be taller and more mature than another family’s 7 year old, so you will need to make decisions based on your own kids.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when deciding whether or not to bring children to Universal Studios:

  • Height: There are minimum height requirements for Universal Studios rides. Much more so than at Disney. If your child is not growing as fast as others their same age you may experience a lot of frustration because they will not meet the physical requirements for each ride (and those requirements are taken strictly).
  • Child’s Temperament: Some kids just don’t like anything thrilling or fast. Other children are terrified of costumed characters, while some kids won’t sit still in a live stage-show. Your child’s personality is just as important as their height when deciding whether to bring kids to Universal Studios.
  • Budget: Are you looking to do a vacation when you don’t have to pay for an extra ticket? Many parents decide to travel to theme parks with their 2 year olds simply because they can get in free.
  • Your Party: The people traveling with you can be a big factor in deciding whether to bring kids. Will you be traveling as a single adult with kids? Are grandparents going to be going with you who don’t mind watching the kids while you are on roller coasters? Young children will require child care. The more help you have, the easier it is going to be.

Best Age to Go to Universal Studios

While you may be looking for the best age for kids to go to Universal Studios, it is really more important to consider their height rather than age.

Due to Universal’s height requirements, there are few attractions that are suitable for kids under 36″ tall.

However, there are still plenty of things for kids to do. Check out our Guide to Universal Studios for Toddlers.

Once a child is 36″ tall, they can start to ride a few more attractions.

The sweet spot of when to bring a kid to Universal Studios is when they are 40″ tall. At this height, they will be able to ride so many more attractions with the family.

Is Universal Studios good for a 4 year old? That depends on how tall the child is and what they are interested in. Kids reach different heights at different age milestones. A 5 year old might love the thrill rides but is still too short to go on any of them.

Of course you can easily enjoy Universal theme parks when children are smaller if you use the Child Swap option.

While this benefit can let all of the adults enjoy the rides when traveling with small children, it will take up just a little more time in your day.

What Universal Orlando Park is More Kid Friendly?

This question is a hard one because it depends on the age and height of your children, as well as their personality.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida doesn’t have as many thrill rides as Islands of Adventure, but there are more shows to watch. However, there is no dedicated children’s play area as of Summer 2023 because so much construction is going on.

There are more characters to be found in Universal Studios Florida, but they might not be the types that your children are interested in.

Very young children (age 4 and younger) might not have as good of a time in this park until they bring back the child’s play area and water splash areas that young kids seem to love.

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Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure has more of the thrilling rides at Universal Studios Orlando. However, they also have a Dr. Seuss-themed land that is absolutely perfect for kids. While you might think that you should skip Islands of Adventure with littles, it probably is the best place to bring kids because of Seuss Landing.

That being said, if your kids are too mature to enjoy Dr. Seuss characters and the imaginative world in Seuss Landing, but too short to do most of the thrill rides at the theme park, they might not be happy.

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What is the Best Age to Go to Harry Potter World?

While you can bring any child inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the best age for kids will be 6 years and older.

Younger children can definitely enjoy time in Harry Potter world, without a doubt, but older children will probably understand the books and movies and be able to appreciate the land.

One of the big highlights of going to The Wizarding World is to buy a Harry Potter wand and use it throughout the lands. Small children will probably get frustrated by the wand experience and will not be able to cast spells.

Many parents wait until their child is 11 years old to go to Harry Potter world. That is when Harry Potter himself got his letter for Hogwarts.

Surprising your child with a Hogwarts acceptance letter and bringing them to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the same age that Harry first went is a magical experience for everyone.

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Does Universal Studios Have Free Child Tickets?

Children two years and younger will not need a park ticket to enter Universal Studios. Which means that they enter the park for free.

Kids aged 3-9 years old can get discounted theme park tickets.

Children 10 and older pay the same price as an adult.

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What is the Minimum Age to Go to Universal Studios?

There is no minimum age to go to Universal Studios theme parks.

You can bring infants to the theme parks at any time you feel comfortable to do so.

Universal Studios Orlando recommends that all guests under the age of 14 have a supervising companion.

Universal Studios Hollywood abides by the Los Angeles County Code for daytime and nighttime curfews. The parks abide by the nighttime curfews for young adults unless accompanied by an adult after 10 p.m.

Some rides have requirements that an adult needs to ride with the child if they meet the height requirement.