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Best Shoes for Disney World

If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, don’t forget about bringing comfortable shoes! It’s so easy to overlook comfy shoes when packing up the Disney shirts, souvenirs, Mouse Ears hats and snacks. But trust us, you will be thankful when you take the time to bring these best shoes for Disney World with you!

Shoes Mickey Mouse Head Disney World

Walking at Disney World

If you have never been to Disney World, maybe you don’t realize how much of an endurance game it is. It’s like doing a marathon – you’ve got to plan for the long haul and pace yourself. Wearing a cute outfit with uncomfortable shoes for pictures one day will make your feet (and body) miserable for the rest of the vacation.

And if you do end up getting blisters, sores or aching feet on Day One, you’re going to pay the price while limping through the theme parks.

After all, one lap around Epcot’s World Showcase is 1.2 miles.

That doesn’t even include the crazy distances you have to walk from the parking lot or transportation drop off to the front gate, then through the theme parks all day, then back to the car or bus or boat late at night to start things all over again in the early morning.

So you better bring comfortable and stylish shoes! These are the Best Shoes for Disney World!

pink and orange comfortable shoes at Epcot pavilion Disney World

Shoes For Florida

Traveling to Florida is unlike traveling to most vacation destinations.

  • The heat and humidity of Florida will make your feet swell. Even if it’s not summer. So wearing shoes that trap in heat will make your feet miserable.
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight will cause problems, too. Your feet will swell because of the heat and walking for hours on end.
  • PLUS, you’re walking on hard concrete and asphalt which makes all the things worse. Your feet are hotter than normal and under more pressure.
  • Add in the frequent thunderstorms and tropical rains, which occur almost every day, and then you’ve got problems with wet feet and soggy shoes.
wet shoes at disney world

Doesn’t sound like fun, right?

What Are the Best Shoes to Wear to Disney World

Here are the general guidelines for picking the best shoes for Disney World and theme parks.

  • Choose Comfort You might be caught up in the popularity of wearing cute Disney-themed outfits to the theme parks. Many outfits (especially the Disney bounding dresses and skirts) don’t exactly look good with sneakers or Keen’s. Don’t sacrifice comfort for fancy outfits.
  • Wear Broken-In Shoes A vacation to Disney World is NOT the time to pack brand-new shoes that you’ve never worn before. If you’re literally cutting off the tags before you head to the theme parks, that’s not a good omen. Buy shoes at least a week before going to Disney World and wear them as often as you can so that the straps and footbed can relax and loosen.
  • Bring Shoes that Breathe With heat and humidity, the last thing you want is your feet being sweaty and damp with no way to cool off. It just makes the rest of your body miserable. Think about it – if you dunk your feet into a bath of ice water, then your entire body cools off, right? Well, what happens if your feet are swollen, sweaty and moist with sweat all day? Your entire body will be overheated, too.
  • Support is Everything! You might have never given much thought to shoes with arch support before. But if you haven’t walked a dozen miles in a day in the heat on concrete surfaces, you might not have had any reason to. Now is not the time for those $2 discount store flip flops that are 1/4 inch thick and flat as a pancake.
  • Pack Multiple Pairs of Shoes You’ll want to let shoes air out and dry out. Plus, you’ll need shoes for different reasons, including water parks, walking in theme parks, heading to the pool and maybe a fancy dinner or two.
  • Lightweight Shoes If you’re flying, the lighter the shoes are, the lighter your luggage will be. Walking is always easier in lightweight shoes, too.
  • Easy to Pack Shoes that bend or can nest together are the best for packing. That way you have more room for souvenirs to bring back! When flying, always wear your heaviest, largest pair of shoes on the plane. It saves space in your luggage. (Here’s what you should also carry on a plane.)

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

I’ve spent years going to Disney’s theme parks, either walking around all day with family or a few hours here and there because I live 15 minutes away.

After two decades of walking in theme parks, I’ve got my list of best shoes for Disney World after learning my lesson the hard way.

Plus, I’ve got hip and back pain from some old injuries. And I’ve got bunions which makes many shoes uncomfortable. So I KNOW what it’s like trying to find comfortable shoes.

FYI: I’ve linked directly to online shops since styles, prices and availability change so often. Click on each white box listing to see more. 


My absolute FAVORITE shoes for Disney World are Vionics. ANYTHING from Vionic.

I’ve been wearing Vionic shoes to the theme parks for the past few years. Even in 100 degree heat and walking for miles, my feet (and also most importantly, my hips) don’t hurt at the end of the day.

With the invisible built-in orthotic support, you’ll get lots of support while walking. I’ve got dress sandals, flip flops and hiking shoes from Vionic. I’ve worn them all and can’t speak highly enough about them!

chipmunks at disney world

In the picture above, I’m wearing Vionic sandals (and a prAna dress, which is super comfortable and what I normally wore to the theme parks!). I have had this pair for years and love them! That’s why I think they’re the best shoes for Disney World.

If you absolutely must have cute flip flops, these are smart choices (see options below)! The built in support will cradle your feet. Yet you can let your feet stay cool in these Florida favorites. (And they come in a variety of colors!)

There are lots of styles of breathable sandals with straps that stay on all day long. That’s why I love Vionic shoes. They are stylish and yet super supportive. I recently bought this pair of Vioinic sandals for Walt Disney World:

Blue sandals shoes for Disney world

But styles are always changing! There’s something for every one. Check out the latest Vionic Shoes for Women below:


Keens are also great comfortable shoes for Disney World. There are lots of styles and they offer all-day support. Keep in mind that many of these styles that you see come in a variety of colors so that you can customize to outfits, match family members, etc.

I haven’t owned a pair of Keens yet because I’m not sure about the arch support, but the way my husband rave’s about his comfortable shoes from Keens, I might just buy some soon!

Best Women’s Walking Shoes

I’ve done my fair share of walking in theme parks in sneakers. The shoes are comfortable, but they can get hot. Which can make you feel miserable.

If you’re wearing sneakers, consider bringing an extra pair of socks or two each day and changing when your feet got sweaty or wet from water rides.


Skechers seem to be among the favorite walking shoes for Disney World. Perhaps it’s because they are so stylish with different designs. Or maybe because they really ARE comfortable!

I’ve owned my fair share of Skechers sneakers and liked them. I’d definitely try out one of the cute styles below if you want to wear sneakers at Disney World.

New Balance

The first year that New Balance came out with Disney-themed shoes at a runDisney event, I stood in line for HOURS to get my sister a pair. They were incredibly popular and only available at the Disney marathon.

red running shoes Minnie Mouse Run Disney New Balance

Lucky for you, anyone can easily order Disney-themed New Balance sneakers without waiting in line or running a marathon. Check these out:

Best Men’s Walking Shoes


The mens’ versions of Vionic shoes are just as comfortable as the ones for women. Try these out:


My husband swears by his Keens shoes for comfort. He’s worn them in National Parks, hiking, Disney World and just about anywhere we’ll be on our feet for a while.

When it’s time to buy new shoes, he always looks for Keens. The great thing is that Keens come in flip flop sandals, outdoor shoes and some that look more dressy. Especially good if you are packing for multiple types of outfits for your vacation.

Cute Disney Shoes for Adults

Sometimes you just want to indulge in cute Disney shoes. If you want to make a style statement, check these out.

Disney Crocs

Sure, you can buy Crocs at Walt Disney World’s theme parks and Disney Springs. But do you really want to spend more money than necessary? Because they are going to be more expensive in Disney gift shops.

These are super cute Disney-themed shoes perfect for a fun day at Disney World.

Disney Vans

Disney TOMS

You’ll also love these:

Water Shoes for Water Parks and Theme Parks

If you’re visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard Beach water parks, you’re definitely going to want some shoes to protect your feet from the hot pavement.

These water shoes are perfect for visiting the water parks.

Also, consider keeping a pair of these shoes in your backpack or locker in the theme parks for going on water rides (like Splash Mountain) to change your shoes before going on the ride. That way your other shoes will stay dry and you can put them back on after the ride.

Bonus points for these shoes that can easily be folded and stored in your backpack.

Keep Your Feet Healthy at Disney

Even if you’ve brought the best shoes for Disney World, you’ll still be on your feet all day. So start planning now for ways to keep your feet healthy, happy and feeling good!


I once wore a pair of Vionics all day at Epcot in April. I didn’t realize the UV rays were as high as they were (a common Florida problem in Spring). The next day, I found that I had some CRAZY tan lines from the straps of the shoes on the top of my feet. Those tan lines didn’t disappear for a year.

Did you know there’s an entire line of Disney character sunscreens?!?

Whether you’re trying to avoid weird tan lines or horrible sun burns, make sure you’ve put sunscreen on any exposed parts of your feet.

Foot Wipes

Refreshing wipes that clean your feet from sweat and moisture, as well as leave a cooling effect, are a smart thing to pack in your Disney World bag! Trust us! Not only can they refresh your swollen feet, but they can be used on your hands and body, also getting rid of sweat and dirt.

The Peppermint Wet Wipes by Jasmine Seven are among our favorite. They are cooling and refreshing, yet the wipes are strong and durable. And they come in travel packs.

Ease Your Swollen Feet

After a day or a week of walking on concrete in the heat, chances are your feet are going to be hot, swollen and tight. No matter what type of shoe you wear.

I spent a few hours walking Epcot at night, and by the time I got home, my feet were swollen and tight feeling. I happened to have a bottle of Arnicare Footcare Cream, which can help with sore and aching feet. I rubbed the lotion on the soles of my feet, and in a minute my feet felt less hot and less tight.

foot cream

I was surprised. There is an entire range of Arnicare products for foot and leg pain.

Blister Protection

Let’s hope that you don’t end up with any blisters or sores. But if you DO, pack a few of these in your suitcase to bring in your backpack or pants pocket while at Disney World.

Yes, there are First Aid stations at the theme parks, but you don’t want to have to rely on those. You will have to walk to the location, then wait to be seen and sign in.

Best Shoes for Disney World with Mickey Mouse Ears

Even More Disney Tips and Tricks 

Now that your feet will be happy with the best shoes for Disney World, don’t let biting insects annoy you. Check out our list of best clothes to prevent mosquito bites.

AND, check out our 9 Best Water Bottles for Disney World. Plus, here’s how to put together an essential zero waste kit for Disney.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

I love the pink mesh Mary Janes in the photo, but there is no information about them in the article. What are they called? Where can I buy? Thank you!

Kim Button

Monday 13th of January 2020

Hi Lindsey! These were Vionic shoes that were sold many years ago. They are not currently available, however Vionic does have other styles that are similar.

lynn leclere

Sunday 30th of June 2019

what brand are your sandals they are adorable.

Kim Button

Sunday 30th of June 2019

They are Vionic!