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Boozy Spiced Rum Cocoa Bombs Recipe

Hot chocolate bombs are so popular right now! And it’s easy to see why: they are pretty to make, each one is an individual serving, and they are a convenient and mess-free way to mix up a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

While kids get most of the fun hot chocolate spheres (such as our Mickey Mouse shaped hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows inside), adults want to enjoy some boozy hot chocolate bombs! Which is why I think you’ll like our Spiced Rum Cocoa Bombs Recipe.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs on wood with spiced rum bottle

How to Make Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs (Boozy)

This recipe makes 6 cocoa bombs.


Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Supplies


Step 1:

Place a large plate into the freezer. This will be used later in the recipe.

Step 2:

In a microwave-safe bowl, add the milk chocolate melting wafers. Heat in the microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring in between each interval, until fully melted. Do not try to melt the chocolate in one long interval, as it could burn.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 1

Step 3:

Using a spoon or large pastry brush, coat each of the semi-sphere molds with the melted chocolate in a thin layer. Place the molds into the freezer for 5 minutes.

Remove the molds and add another layer of melted chocolate onto the first layer. Then freeze for an additional 5 minutes.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 3

Step 4:

Pour the spiced rum into the hot cocoa mix. Stir well.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 4

Step 5:

Remove the large plate and the chocolate-coated molds from the freezer.

Now, carefully remove the chocolate-coated spheres from the mold and place onto the chilled plate. 

removing chocolate half spheres from silicone mold

Step 6:

Heat the small plate in the microwave for 1 minute (or until it gets warm to the touch). Place one chocolate half sphere upside down on the heated plate and move it around just a little bit to allow the hot plate to slightly melt the rim. Now, turn over the sphere and add about 1.5 tablespoons of the spiced rum and cocoa mixture into the mold.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 7

Step 7:

Place another chocolate sphere upside down on the plate (you might need to keep heating the plate between each step) and move around to melt the rim. 

Put that half sphere on top of the other, and very gently press together.  If the spheres don’t line up correctly, just smear a little extra melted chocolate along the seam to close them up.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 8
Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 9

Step 8:

Heat the white candy melts in a microwave safe small bowl in 30 second intervals, until full melted. Stir in between each interval.

Add to a pastry bag or Ziplock bag. Using the pastry bag applicator (or cutting off a small tip of the corner of a zip-top bag to make a pastry bag), drizzle the white chocolate across the molds.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 10
Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs Step 11

How to Use 

To enjoy these boozy hot chocoalte bombs, place one in a mug and pour 6 oz. of hot milk over it. Stir until dissolved.

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate Bombs on spoon


Do I Have to Microwave the Plate?

The plate just needs to be warm in order to slightly melt the chocolate. You could run a plate under hot water to warm it up. Or put the plate in the sunshine for natural heating.

Can I Use Dark Chocolate?

Yes, you can use dark chocolate melting wafers (we love these Ghiradelli wafers) instead of milk chocolate if you would like.

How Long Can I Store These?

With the liquid in the hot cocoa mixture, you won’t want to store these for very long. Up to 1-2 days. Using them as soon as possible is ideal.

Do I Need to Refrigerate These?

No, unless you live in a very hot climate or your home is very hot. These hot chocolate bombs do not need to be refrigerated.

Will These Hot Cocoa Bombs Really Be Boozy?

There is actual alcohol in the recipe. However, the amount of rum in each bomb will be less than an ounce. Heat can make alcohol evaporate, but the heat of your hot milk should’t burn off all of the alcohol in the rum.

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boozy hot chocolate bomb in a spoon