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Universal Studios Globe: Strange But True History

Have you taken a picture beside the rotating Universal Studios Globe and wondered why it is at the theme park?

The Universal Studios Globe is one of the icons of both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition, the familiar spinning globe can be seen on the screen before Universal Studios movies.

But why is there a globe? And why are the globes different at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood.

We are sharing the strange and little known history with you.

Universal Studios Theme Park Globe Sign

How Did the Universal Studios Globe Become the Logo?

Universal Studios was founded in 1912, and the logo at that time looked somewhat like a globe on a hat pin with a horse shoe-shaped U. It is a logo that is hard to make out.

Over the years, the Universal Studios logo changed frequently. Some of the logos had a globe shape to them.

However, it wasn’t until 1936 that the traditional Universal globe started being used in some variation. See this fandom page for images of all the logos.

Starting in 1997, the traditional Universal Studios globe logo that is well known at the theme parks started being used.

Universal Studios Globe: From Orlando to Hollywood

The globe that can be found in front of Universal Studios Hollywood today once stood at Universal Studios Florida.

Strange, but true!

When Universal Studios Florida opened on June 7, 1990 it was just that theme park and a parking lot.

The Universal CityWalk complex and Islands of Adventure theme park hadn’t been built yet.

Yet a globe icon was found outside of the theme park. It was located to the left of the main entrance.

The old Universal Studios globe in Orlando, Florida before moving to Hollywood.

When Universal decided to expand the Florida location, a lot of construction was being done.

The parking lot that was once outside Universal Studios Florida theme park was removed, so that Universal CityWalk and the parking garage were added. Followed by Islands of Adventure theme park.

During construction, the original Universal Studios Florida globe was moved to Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Universal Studios Globe in Orlando

With the original globe sent to California, Orlando needed a new icon outside of its theme parks.

The current blue globe that spins was installed outside of Universal Studios Florida entrance.

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Where to Take Pictures of the Universal Studios Globe

It is easy together photos with the huge Universal Studios Globe sign in the background. It is a perfect Instagram picture or family photo!

In Orlando, the huge spinning globe is located outside the entrance to Universal Studios Florida. It spins and has smoke effects rising from the base.

Just wait patiently while the Universal word comes spinning back around to where you are standing for the best photo.

mother and daughter in front of Universal Studios Orlando sign

You do not need to be entering Universal Studios Florida to get a photo. You can go to either theme park or just be walking Universal CityWalk to see the iconic sign.

There are multiple vantage points throughout CityWalk of the globe.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, the globe is located outside of the theme park.

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