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Where to Find Free Water at Universal Studios Orlando in 2024

Florida is hot and humid almost all year long. Walking around in the heat and humidity in a crowded theme park while being surrounded by concrete that radiates the heat back onto you is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous.

You absolutely MUST stay hydrated when visiting Universal Studios Orlando theme parks. However, when bottled water and sodas are $4 or more per bottle, you may stop drinking as many beverages in an effort to save money.

Which can be really dangerous.

In this guide, we are sharing the best ways to get free water at Universal Orlando to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

How Much is Bottled Water at Universal Orlando?

Bottled water at Universal Studios can cost between $4 and $5.50.

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Can I Bring Water Into Universal Studios?

You may bring water into Universal Studios. Water bottles must be 2 liters or less per person.

You can bring plastic water bottles or reusable water bottles.

You cannot bring glass containers of water.

In fact, you can bring food into Universal Studios, too. Keep that in mind for more ways to save money.

Bringing your own drinks is one of the best ways to save money on Universal Studios food and drinks.

Can I Bring a Reusable Water Bottle to Universal Studios?

Refillable water bottles are allowed at Universal Studios.

There are a variety of refillable water bottles that are perfect for theme parks. Here are our favorite water bottles for theme parks, with most of the options being insulated to keep your drinks cold all day.

Add at least one or two reusable water bottles for the family in your bag for Universal Studios.

Where to Get Free Ice Cold Water at Universal Orlando

Just like at Walt Disney World, you can ask for a cup of ice water at most quick service restaurants.

The cups might not be huge, but it will be enough to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.

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We suggest pouring your ice water into an insulated refillable water bottle. That way the water stays cold longer, and any room-temperature water you add afterwards will be chilled off with the ice.

This is just one of our old-fashioned ways to save money at Universal Studios that you might want to know about!

Water Fountains at Universal Orlando

Water fountains are plentiful throughout Universal Studios theme parks. Refill your water bottle or cup with this water.

Anyone who lives in Orlando can tell you that the municipal water supply often tastes bad with a funny taste. That is the type of water that will come out of the water fountains.

I personally prefer not to drink the water at theme parks unless it has been filtered to remove the weird taste.

These reusable water bottles with a filter can help improve the taste and give you cleaner water. They also come in a collapsible water bottle to save space.

Water at Coke Freestyle Machines

The Coke Freestyle Machines found throughout Universal Studios serve up a variety of sodas. However, you can also get water and ice at these public machines.

Water is one of the many options on a Coke Freestyle Machine

If you have a reusable water bottle (or even just a glass), you can go to any Coke Freestyle Machine to get free ice and water.

The water from the Coke Freestyle Machines is cold. A bonus is that it seems to be filtered, which means you won’t get the horrible taste that you do from the water fountains.

Are Cups Provided for Water?

If you aren’t bringing your own reusable water bottle, you will need to get a cup to fill up.

The problem with cups is that you must stand in line to get one.

When time is precious, you don’t want to waste time standing in line asking for a disposable cup to fill with water.

Will Water Bottles Fit in the Lockers?

Many Universal Studios rides require you to put your belongings in a free locker outside the entrance to the ride.

While the lockers are deep, they are NOT tall. You will not be able to stand up a water bottle inside the locker. Unless you pay for a larger locker at other locations in the theme parks.

If you have a reusable water bottle with a tight lid that closes shut, this shouldn’t be a problem. You would lay the water bottle down on its side to store in the locker.

Disposable cups and water bottles without a screw-on lid will not be able to be stored on their side inside the lockers.

Do not think that you can place your cup or water bottle near the lockers to retrieve after the ride. Chances are it won’t be there when you return.

Want another great way to beat the Florida heat? Make our DIY Cooling Spray to instantly feel refreshed.

And be sure to enjoy one of Universal Studios water rides when the temperatures are really high. They will instantly cool you down!