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Universal Studios Luggage Storage: How to Store Bags for the Day

What can you do with your luggage if you are not checked into a hotel but still want to enjoy going to Universal Studios theme parks or CityWalk for the day? Many people try to maximize their vacation time by visiting the theme parks on a travel day, but figuring out what to do with your suitcases can be confusing.

We have found all of the ways you can store luggage while visiting Universal Studios. Especially if you have bulky items such as strollers, golf clubs, bikes or over-sized suitcases that cannot be easily stored in a locker.

Whether you are going to the theme parks before an evening flight, a cruise departure or in-between hotels, these are the best options for storing luggage at Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Can I Bring Luggage Into Universal Studios Theme Parks?

In general, no you cannot bring luggage into Universal Studios, according to the Universal Studios Bag Policy.

Suitcases and luggage with wheels cannot be brought into Universal Studios according to the official Conditions of Entry.

However, if your luggage is a backpack or a soft-sided weekend bag, you may have more flexibility with bringing it in.

Are There Lockers To Store Luggage at Universal Studios?

Yes, there are lockers at Universal Studios that can store large bags inside the theme parks. However, these lockers are not meant for suitcases, wheeled luggage or very large bags.

If you are traveling with a carry-on bag that is a backpack, duffel bag or large tote bag, you may be able to utilize these lockers to store your bags during the day.

Universal Orlando Locker Rentals

There are two sizes of lockers available for rent at Universal Orlando theme parks:

  • 12″ X 13″ X 16.9″ lockers are at the park entrance of both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure
  • 12″ X 16.25″ X 16.9″ lockers are available at Universal Studios Florida
  • Regular and family size lockers are available at Volcano Bay

Universal Studios Hollywood Locker Rentals

Universal Studios Hollywood has three sizes of lockers available for rent at the theme park:

  • 12¾” X 11″ X 16½” 
  • 16″ X 8″ X 16″ 
  • 21½” X 11″ X 16″

Our favorite bags for Universal Studios will easily fit into the lockers!

Universal Studios Orlando Luggage Storage Options

Here are several options for storing luggage after checking out of your hotel or before checking into your hotel or cruise while still enjoying a day at the theme parks in Orlando:

Universal Orlando Resort Hotels

If you are staying at one of the hotels on property, Universal Studios can store your luggage on the day of your arrival or the day of your departure. Bell Services will be the location to store your luggage. They will have a large room where suitcases are stored.

This is the best choice because you will be close to the hotels after you leave the theme parks to pick up your bags before departing Orlando.

Hotel Luggage Storage

If you are staying off-property, your hotel might be able to store your luggage after you check out and go to the parks. If your hotel offers to do this, it is considerate to tip the bell staff for the service.

The problem with this option is that you need to get transportation to the parks (or walk) and then get transportation back to the hotel to pick up your bags and then depart. That is a lot of logistics and can cost a lot of money if you are paying for Ubers or Lyfts and not using free transportation (even if you are staying at a hotel with free shuttles to Universal Studios, you may not be able to use the shuttle after you have checked out of your hotel room).

A fanny pack is a great way to keep some items with you when your luggage is being stored.

Hold My Luggage

The Orlando International Airport (MCO) has a luggage storage and delivery program located in Terminal B. Hold My Luggage also partners with the Sanford International Airport.

You can store your luggage with Hold My Luggage after arrival or before departure. This also works great during a long layover in Orlando. Same day and multiple days luggage storage are offered.

This luggage service will even deliver your bags or pick up your bags for an additional fee and bring them to the airport.

Prices start at $6 per bag and delivery starts at $25.

Rent a Car

Even if you don’t rent a car for the rest of your vacation, renting a vehicle on the last day might make sense. Not only can you store your luggage inside the car, but you will have transportation to drive to the airport, cruise terminal or your next destination.

In addition to the rental car price, you will need to pay for parking at the parking garage. Even if you are just going to Universal CityWalk, you will need to pay for parking unless you use these free parking tips for Universal Studios.

You can rent a car from locations at Universal Studios Orlando, rather than needing to get a car at the airport.

UPS Stores

While this isn’t really a great option, we are including it because you never know someone’s situation.

The UPS Store locations will store luggage for you. However, the closest one to Universal Orlando is in the Thornton Park area of downtown Orlando, which is a 20-minute drive away.

The store closes at 7 p.m. during the week and earlier on weekends (not open on Sundays), but if this works for you expect to pay $7.90 for each 24 hours of storage through Bounce.

Lost and Found

We have heard rare reports of being able to store your luggage at the Lost and Found at each theme park. However, this seems to be a case-by-case basis.

If you choose to pursue this option, keep in mind that you will need to roll your luggage through CityWalk, go through Security, and get to the theme park and ask in person.

Universal Studios Hollywood Luggage Storage

Hotel Storage

As Universal Hollywood does not have an on-site hotel, you will need to work with the hotel that you are staying at to ask about luggage storage. This is a common question, so most hotels are happy to store luggage at Guest Services or Bell Services for the day.

UPS Stores

You can store luggage at a couple of UPS Store locations near Universal Studios Hollywood through Bounce.

The fees start at $5.90 for 24 hours.


Another luggage storage option that utilizes stores near Universal Studios Hollywood is Stasher. Prices start at $6.90 per bag.


To save some money, you can choose to store bags for just a few hours, rather than all day, through LuggageHero.

Prices start at $0.95 an hour. Luggage will be stored at shops or hotels in the area.

Rent a Car

If you have a car rental, even if it is for one day, it is a great way to store your luggage in the trunk of the car. We highly suggest keeping your luggage in the trunk (or boot) of the vehicle, rather than seen in the backseat of your car.