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Universal Studios Parking 2023: Prices, Discounts and FAQs

There is only one parking garage at each of the Universal Studios theme park locations in both Orlando and Hollywood. This simplifies parking, but there is still a lot you need to know before driving to Universal Studios.

In our Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Parking, we show you what the parking prices are, how to save money on parking with discounts and deals, and what you need to know about parking electric vehicles.

Is Parking Free If I Stay at a Universal Hotel?

Unlike at Walt Disney World, parking is not free even if you stay at an official Universal Studios Hotel.

If you choose to leave your hotel parking and drive to the parking garage, you will need to pay a daily parking fee at the garage AND at your hotel.

There are parking fees at Universal Orlando hotels, as well.

How Much is Parking at Universal Studios Orlando?

There are three types of parking at Universal Studios Orlando:

  • Regular Parking: $30
  • Prime Upgrade: $20-$30 (Pricing is seasonal and can change by day)
  • Prime Parking: $50-$60 (Pricing is seasonal and can change by day)

RV and Bus Parking is available for $40

There are a few ways to get free parking at Universal Studios Orlando to save on the parking fees.

Note: Universal Studios Orlando increased their parking fees from $27 to $30 per day in early 2023.

Helpful Tip: Take a picture of the parking level character and space number where you park. Chances are you will forget by the end of the day!

What is the Difference Between Regular Parking and Prime Parking?

Prime parking will get you closer to the entrance to Universal CityWalk, which means you do not have to walk as far.

It can be up to a 15-minute walk from your parking spot just to get to Universal CityWalk, from which you will then walk to either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida if you are going to the theme parks.

Is Valet Parking Available at Universal Orlando?

Yes, you can use valet parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

The cost of valet parking Before 6 p.m. is:

  • $30 for 2 hours
  • $65-$75 for over 2 hours (Pricing is seasonal and can change by day)

The price of valet parking After 6 p.m. is:

  • $30 for 2 hours
  • $40-$75 for over 2 hours (Pricing is seasonal and can change by day)
  • $75 for over 2 hours on Halloween Horror Nights

Free valet parking is available for Premier Annual Passholders, subject to availability.

Discounted valet parking is a perk for Preferred Annual Passholders, who get 50% off of the cost of valet parking after their first visit and subject to availability.

Is valet parking worth it at Universal Orlando? We think that it costs too much money for parking if you valet. However, if you have physical challenges that prevent you from using moving walkways or escalators in the standard parking garage, it could be worth it for you. Or, if you are paying in a currency where the conversion rate makes this high cost more affordable.

How Much is Volcano Bay Parking?

Volcano Bay parking is the same price as Universal Studios Orlando parking because the locations share the same garage.

Just be sure to park on Level One for Volcano Bay parking so that you can get the free shuttle to go to the waterpark.

How Much is Halloween Horror Nights Parking?

At Universal Studios Orlando, Halloween Horror Night Parking is the same price as standard parking in the garage.

On Halloween Horror Nights, the option for free parking at Universal Orlando CityWalk changes. While free parking is usually available after 6 p.m., on Halloween Horror Nights the time changes to free parking after midnight.

Valet parking is $75 for over 2 hours on Halloween Horror Nights events.

Discounts and Coupon Codes for Universal Studios Orlando Parking

There are limited ways to save money on Universal Studios parking. However, it is still possible to save money on parking at Universal Studios Orlando.

  • Universal Studios annual passholders that have either the Preferred or Premium annual passes enjoy free parking as one of their perks.
  • Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Power Passes receive 50% off of regular day-time self parking after their first visit.
  • Using a ride share to get to Universal Studios means you don’t have to pay for parking. See where the ride drop off location at Universal Studios is.
  • Universal Studios team members get free parking with their company ID.
  • Receive a free upgrade to Prime Parking when you rent a car through Avis or Budget car rentals from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). You will need a voucher and you will still pay the base parking rate.

Can I Go Back and Forth to the Parking Garage?

If you would like to store your luggage or bring food in your vehicle, you can re-enter the parking garage as many times as you would like.

Can I Leave the Universal Studios Parking Garage and Re-Enter Without Paying?

You may leave and re-enter the Universal Studios parking garage throughout the day. You will need not to pay again with re-entry. However, you MUST have your parking receipt with you to avoid a second parking fee for the day.

How Long is My Universal Parking Fee Good For?

The parking fee you pay is good for one calendar day. You can pay for one day and re-enter as many times as you would like.

The parking cost is NOT for a 24-hour period. For instance, you cannot pay to park in the garage at 1 p.m. on Saturday and come back at 8 a.m. on Sunday and receive free parking.

Do I Need to Pay for Each Vehicle If We Travel in Separate Cars?

The parking costs are for each vehicle. Even if you are one party traveling in separate cars, trucks or motorcycles, you will need to pay the parking fee for each one.

How Much is Motorcycle Parking?

Motorcycle parking at Universal Studios is the same parking cost as other vehicles.

What is the Address of Universal Orlando Resort Parking?

To find the Universal Orlando parking garage in GPS, use the following address:

  • 6000 Universal Boulevard 
    Orlando, FL 32819

For Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for Geocode, use:

  • Latitude: 28.47399 
  • Longitude: -81.46228

How Much is Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Parking fees at Universal Studios Hollywood change depending on when you park and whether or not you are eating at CityWalk.

Here are all of the parking fees for self-parking at Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • General Parking Before 5pm – $30
  • General Parking After 5pm – $10
  • Preferred Parking Before 5pm – $50
  • Preferred Parking After 5pm – $20
  • Front Gate Parking – $70

What is the Difference Between General Parking and Preferred Parking?

Preferred parking is closer to the theme park entrance than general parking.

How Much is Valet Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Valet parking rates vary depending on whether or not you are eating at a CityWalk Full Service restaurant. The costs are:

Valet Parking Standard Rates

  • $25 for First 2 Hours
  • $50 after 2 Hours

Valet Parking With Validation from CityWalk Full-Service Restaurant

  • $10 for 0 – 2 1/2Hours
  • $15 for 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 Hours
  • $50 after 3 1/2 Hours

Discounts and Coupon Codes for Universal Studios Hollywood Parking

  • You can get $5 parking when you buy a movie ticket at Universal Cinema at CityWalk. You will need to show your general parking receipt at the ticket window.
  • Universal Gold Annual and Platinum Annual Pass Holders get free general parking until 6 p.m.
  • Get free complimentary valet parking with a VIP tour
  • Use the Metro Stations to park at, then use the Metro to go to Universal City station. While this is not on Universal property, it is one of the cheapest ways to park near Universal Hollywood. Parking is $3 per day.

How Much is Electric Vehicle Charging at Universal Studios Hollywood?

As of April 2023, the cost to charge your EV at Universal Studios Hollywood is $0.40/kWh.

Where is Electric Vehicle Parking at Universal Hollywood?

There are several EV charging stations available at Universal Hollywood, including:

  • Frankenstein Garage: 4 ports (Level 2 and Level 7)
  • Jurassic Parking Garage: 8 ports (Level 1 and B1M)
  • ET Garage: 16 ports (Level B1)
  • Woody Woodpecker Lot: 1 port (near Front Gate Parking)
  • Curious George Garage: 2 ports (Level 1)